This is exactly why “Universal Background Checks” is a bad idea for CT and the US.

I keep getting this all the time from my non-shooting friends “why are you against a universal background check”….. right next to the idiotic “if it saves just one life”, but I digress….

California already has a similar system that the anti-gun community want to use as a national model called “APPS”, Armed and Prohibited Person System”.  A system designed to cross reference gun owners and those prohibited persons.  Sounds like a grand idea, right?

Umm…. no.  It is based on the premise that a prohibited person, usually a criminal, will buy a legal gun.  Common sense dictates the flaw in that logic.  Many people (I’d go so far as to say the majority based on my research) would be on that list for reasons that have nothing to do with mental health or criminality.  I can see several categories of people ending up on this list, including:

  • Those that take sleep medication (already in issue in New York and permit revocations in CT).
  • Voluntary check-ins at hospitals for various conditions like anxiety (like in this video below).
  • Sharing an address with someone who is deemed a “prohibited person”.
  • Flawed information in either of the two lists.
  • Military personnel “decompressing” when they return home, PTSD (which ironically, doesn’t prevent you from serving in another active duty tour in a combat role).
  • Data gathering by physicians with an anti-firearms bias (intake forms).
  • and much more

I’ve seen and researched far too much to see the issues with this type of program..  The problem with the “if it saves one life” argument, it often costs a life as well when a firearm is taken away from someone who needs it, and now doesn’t have it.

CT’s new legislation, SB 1160 has a lot of new reporting criteria which is the first (and HUGE) step towards this system.  I expect to see more expansion on this in future legislation.  This is why litigation, such as the lawsuit being headed by the Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL), is so important.

Below is a video put out by the NRA.  Notice the former DOJ agent’s comments about the prosecutions from this program (let alone the cost – TO JUST CALIFORNIA!).