I will add a lot of documents as The Yankee Gunner moves forward.


Firearms Record Request – this letter is used to get a copy of your inventory registered with the CT Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection.  It needs to be notarized.

State of CT, Special Licensing and Firearms Unit Forms – Here you will find all the state forms and their uses.  Here is a list of what you will find here:

DPS-67-C (updated in October, 2013) – Application to purchase a firearm

DPS-3-C – (updated June, 2013) – Sale or Transfer of all firearms

DPS-414-C Assault Weapons Certificate Application

DESPP-788-C Magazine Declaration Form

DESPP-417-C Ammunition Certificate Application

Magazine Sworn Affidavit – form you send in to declare your magazines if you didn’t save receipts.  This isn’t the DESPP form, this is simply an affidavit that you swear information in the actual DESPP form is accurate.

Special Licensing Firearms Unit memo on CSP-Open_Carry_Memo