Simple AR-15 maintenance

I like simple. I love the AR platform. What’s not to like about it? Modular, multiple calibers, sized to fit just about anyone, ammo relatively inexpensive…… man, I can go on.

What drives me NUTS about the platform? The “Chairborne Rangers” that SWEAR you have to lube just about every damn part, run a rod down your rifle after every 100 round session, etc. It’s a rifle that emulates some of the better qualities (like durability) of it’s military siblings.

To that end, I was asked several times this week how I maintain my AR’s. I must have watched 9 videos until I found a GREAT one on the National Shooting Sports Foundation website. No frills, great information and really good detail on what is needed to maintain this fantastic rifle.

I run my rifle pretty much the same way. I carry a small “lube pen” for long training sessions and have a few spare parts. Other than that, I’m good for a few thousand rounds!

Thanx to the NSSF for producing this video!