The Yankee Gunner Podcast – 063

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Local News

CT gun owners get to testify twice so far this session.

The Supreme Court’s Eight Gun Salute
—–BREAKING: US Supreme Court Throws Out Massachusetts Stun Gun Ban

Retired state trooper named suspected gunman in deadly turnpike attack – in CT, he’d be exempt from any bans on firearms.

West Haven police: Guns, drugs found after man tries to hit woman with boulder

Man arrested for trying to prevent deer hunting – Logic would dictate that if this idiot had feared gun owners like the anti-gun lobby says they do, then he wouldn’t confront a man with a gun, no?

Drone-Gun Clinton Teen Expelled From College

2z’s Gat Crank – Won’t ship to CT.  Good news, not too difficult to reproduce.

Should people carrying guns be required to show permits to police upon request?

I’ll be tracking a Rhode Island bill that benefits CT gun owners

Gun maker seeks dismissal of Newtown school shooting lawsuit


National News

West Virginia Legalizes Permitless Concealed Carry

Colorado: Constitutional carry bill clears State Senate

Pro-gun Florida mom is accidentally shot by her four-year-old son while driving after the boy found her pistol in back seat – just a day after she bragged about his shooting skill

South Carolina House Votes 64-30 to Take on all new Federal Gun Control Efforts

UPDATE: WV Senate overturns concealed weapon bill veto

This is the most two-faced gun control advocate ever

‘We do not need a militia of toddlers’: If Iowa law passes, children can use handguns

—–Lawmakers tackle 5 gun laws including use under age 14

‘Heckuva Gaffe’: Clinton References Constitution While Talking Gun Control, Then Makes Obvious Error



Cop’s AR-15 Dust Cover Inscription Used Against Him in Court – I don’t know where TTAG was going with here…. but there are some other circumstances that just “might” have been used against this officer way above his inscriptions on his rifle…. just sayin’.

MSNBC Pundit Blames ‘Ease of Getting Guns’ for Brussels Bombing

TracFind GPS System for Guns: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

NRA’s quick rejection of Merrick Garland

Tactical Response BANNED After Instructor Negligently Discharges Into Student’s Truck

The Average Civilian Pistol Permit Holder Is Better With Their Weapons Than Most Cops.


Defensive Gun Use

FL Homeowner Shoots, Kills Teen Burglary Suspect. Now His Family Is Mad.

Concealed Nation Fan Fends Off Three Home Invaders With M&P Shield

PD: 71-year-old victim shoots teen during attempted robbery

—–Bullets fly in Hampton neighborhood – The dead criminal can be heard here in utter contradiction starting around 50 seconds in.

Police: Suspect with Knife Attacks Woman, Gets Shot in Neck – The brazenness here is exactly why the “just rack the 12 gauge and they’ll leave” thought process is just stupid.

Police: Suspect Shot Dead During Attempted Robbery In Brooklyn Park

Employees describe fatal shooting at Deerfield Beach store


In The Classroom

More on situational awareness and a really good read:
Random Thoughts: A Mindful Miscellany

How to Develop the Situational Awareness of Jason Bourne

Tips from a former Delta Force sniper on judging distance