The Yankee Gunner Podcast – 062

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Local News

CCDL: Shew v. Malloy Filed With SCOTUS – Press Release

CCDL: Legislative Action Alert!

CCDL: New Open Carry Memorandum

CCDL: A Guide for Public Letter Writing

Newtown Action Alliance Urges All Newtown Business Owners to Ban Guns in their Establishments

Gun nut kept small arsenal at Queens home: police

Hartford Courant OpEd: 2nd Amendment does not include “assault rifles”

Meriden man faces felony assault weapon, illegal capacity magazine charges

Arcane NJ law prevents retired cops from carrying concealed weapon

Kent town officials considering program to arm teachers

Sandy Hook Promise thanks Facebook for new ban on unlicensed gun sales

Stupid Politicians Write Stupid Bill That Will Get People Killed

Checkpoint protester challenges arrest

Esty vows to push ahead with gun-safety efforts

Smith & Wesson pistol causes man to lose finger, lawsuit says

Could gun violence research curb gun violence?

Critics blast Massachusetts city’s new ‘essay’ rule for gun-carry applicants


National News

ALERT: All firearms with a “Bullet Button” to be BANNED

Organizing for Action Lying about Guns (Again)

SF’s Law Enforcement-Inspired Safe Storage Law Has Law Enforcement Carve-Out

Lawmakers seek mandatory insurance from gun owners in 4 states

Victory: Gov. McAuliffe To Restore Reciprocity Agreements For Concealed Carry Holders

Police officer escorted out of Darton College classroom

Sanders tries to bolster position against gun law he previously supported

Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy Loses Assault Rifle

Steve Harvey Takes a Crack at Solving Chicago Crime

Michigan becomes 38th state to allow hunting with suppressors

Prosecutors, attorneys from nation’s biggest cities call for gun law reform

Gun Owners of America: FBI Actions Prove Background Checks Unconstitutional  – This proves the feds are manufacturing problems with the 72 hour NICS rules in order to further an agenda!

Air Force to allow more guns on bases to counter active shooters

VIDEO: Pro-Gun Lawmaker Leaves Room Cheering With PERFECT Obama Slam




John Lott: Even Liberal Academics Are Turning Pro-Gun Ownership

Study: Mass Shooters Prefer Gun Free Zones

From The Editor | Using Legal Hunting To Obscure The Facts About Gun Violence

La Loche school shooting – Canada (though they only are supposed to happen in the US!).

Eagles Of Death Metal’s: Jesse Hughes, Confesses His Anti-Gun Position Has Changed

Pakistani university reopens after attack; teachers allowed guns

AJPH ‘Smart Gun Study’ a Transparent Exercise in Junk ‘Science’ Agenda Propaganda


Defensive Gun Use

Man with a gun saves officer from mob of teens

Man Robs Store With Fake Gun, Gets Shot By Clerk’s Real One

Mother of 2 surprises teen burglars with gunshots

Now…. for some of what NOT to do and think it’s self defense!

Homeowner who fatally shot robbery suspect could face charges

NJ woman shoots man who was using her shovel to clear elderly neighbor’s driveway


In The Classroom


Vietnam Green Beret Had 37 Separate Bullet, Bayonet, & Shrapnel Wounds & Still He Carried On Fighting

Basic Shield – more than 1,800 gun manuals online!