The Yankee Gunner Podcast – 061

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Plea to All Friends of Mike Vanderboegh

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

Local News

Open-Carry Gun Owner Videotapes Police Requesting His Permit Inside Connecticut Store. Just Wait Until You Get a Load of His Answer.

Police: Southington man fired gun into ground near Henny Penny on Saturday

To the man I sat next to on the train: I am the gun owner you hate

Wal-Mart Sued Over Sale of Bullets Used in Pennsylvania Murders

Gunman Who Tried to Execute Philadelphia Cop Pledged Allegiance to ISIS

Obama Said Connecticut Had A 40 Percent Drop In Gun Deaths. Really?

Do you agree with President Obama’s executive order on gun control?

Suspects sought following home invasion, shooting at Southington home

COLUMN: A ban on firearms won’t stop gun violence

Proposed New Jersey Gun Laws


National News

Biden: ‘The Second Amendment Says You Can Limit Who Can Own A Gun’ [VIDEO]

Georgia Democrats Introduce ‘Assault Weapon’ Confiscation Bill – Don’t they say it’s not about confiscation?

Hickok45 here

Ruger now in the business of making silencers

Middle school students in Utah may soon get gun safety lessons

Congressman to Introduce Fifty-State Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill For Gun-Shy D.C.

Photos: FL Gun Store Fills Arcade Claw Machine with AR-15 Parts

Background checks for gun sales at record high in 2015

Bill allows suits over gun-free zone incidents



Dems push bill to let gun violence victims sue gun-makers – Plenty of straw man arguments here!

Irish homeowners now have legal right to shoot intruders

News Station Puts Concealed Carry Permit Holders to the Test in Realistic ‘Good Guys’ vs. ‘Bad Guys’ Scenarios

Poll: 2 Percent Placed ‘Guns/Gun Control’ on 2015 List of ‘Most Important Problems’

Rasmussen: Voters Oppose Obama’s Executive Action For Gun Control

What If the Oregon Occupiers Were Muslim or Black?

13 Charts Put America’s Gun Violence in Perspective

AP: Obama’s Claims About ATF, Background Checks Not Accurate

FACT SHEET: New Executive Actions to Reduce Gun Violence and Make Our Communities Safer

Obama Asked Celebrities to Help Push Gun Control. This is What Mike Rowe Did Instead…

BREAKING: ATF Issues Final Ruling on NFA Trusts, Eliminates CLEO Sign-Off for ALL NFA Paperwork

Discoveries of an Anti-Gunner: My Conversion to the Other Side

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? – Trigger Point’s Tigger-Mounted Light/Laser Switch

Gun control groups go ballistic after NRA reboots Red Riding Hood with a twist

Comedian Shows It’s Easier To Buy A Gun Than To Get A Fishing License!


Defensive Gun Use

Southington resident holds gun on man trying to steal his car

Would-be robber shot in chest by woman, 65, after he followed her home

T-Mobile store employee shoots 2 armed robbery suspects – Irony is the “no guns” sign on the door.  I guess the criminals missed the sign.


In The Classroom

Should you carry or keep your self defense gun on an empty chamber?

Florida mother shoots daughter she thought was intruder