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Local News

Upcoming metallic reloading class – Awesome instruction and really affordable too!

Stag Arms owner pleads guilty to federal firearms charges, must leave gun business

Malloy still hasn’t issued ‘Executive Order’

Democrat Senator Uses Gang Incidents to Raise Annual ‘Mass Shootings’ from 4 to 372

NY Lawmakers: Limit Ammo Purchases to 20 Rounds Every 90 Days

Cop’s assault rifle stolen

Former officer accused of writing racist letter targeting himself makes court appearance

NH ruling grants immunity to police

‘Active Shooter’: NH fire extinguishers at the ready

Long Island Toy Gun Swap: “We want to stop the gun culture”

Police arrest woman brandishing gun outside Torrington Police Department

Feds Argue Against Release Of Alleged Mosque Shooter

Cops: Man brought gun into mall


National News

Obama to take executive action on gun control next week

OK Senator Introduces Pro Gun “Piers Morgan Act” Allowing Open Carry Without License

Samuel L. Jackson: I Wanted San Bernardino Attack to be Carried Out By ‘Crazy White Dude’

Police in California can seize guns without prior notice starting Jan. 1

Black Lives Matter Thug Who Tweeted “Kill Whites” Shot Dead At Northlake Mall

Are BB guns firearms? Minnesota Supreme Court to decide

Virginia to Drop Long Held Concealed Carry Reciprocity Agreements With Two Dozen States

A Christmas Offer From Cabela’s: The Kind of Semiautomatic Rifle Used in San Bernardino

Judge upholds Seattle ‘gun violence tax’ despite challenge from gun rights groups

Smith & Wesson Re-Thinks Its Approach to Brownells M&P ‘Dream Gun’

Gun permit applicants denied over medical dispute

DHS Official: ‘Apples And Oranges’ To Use Terror List To Prohibit Gun Ownership [VIDEO]

Gun Control Group Tells Followers To “SWAT” Gun Owners



Letting Kids Shoot Guns Is Good for Them

No, There Has Not Been a Mass Shooting Every Day This Year

The Assault Weapon Myth

The Young Turks Rebuttal: The Second Amendment

Swiss Army Life – Snopes bias, backs us up for the most part.  Wait until you read about them calling the military a militia!

German shooting clubs lobby against EU gun control

Basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb deletes reason ‘right to bear arms’ is NOT in Constitution

Democrat Debate: Hillary Clinton Says Armed Americans Do Not Make the Country Safer

Hillary: We Need To Disarm Americans Because “Terrorists Use Guns to Kill Americans”

ATF Lets Straw-Purchasing Violent Criminal Walk In WV

7th grader told his Star Wars shirt isn’t allowed in school

Anti-Gun Sheriff Negligently Shoots His Own Hand

Incredible High Speed Footage Of The Army’s New Round In Gel

123 House Democrats back sweeping assault weapons ban – Look how they distract the stats and try to confuse military weapons from WWII (fully automatic) to try to get folks into thinking that’s what the ban will prohibit from being sold.

Defensive Gun Use (DGU)

Robber Says “Empty Your Pockets” To Concealed Carrier, Got More Than He Bargained For

Florida restaurant employee shoots, kills masked gunman

Alleged robber in critical condition after victim shoots him in Houston

Homeowner was unaware intruder had gun until shots were fired, police say. – SO much wrong here, we will break this down as part of the “In The Classroom” segment.


In The Classroom

3 Lifesaving Reloading Techniques

Man ‘walks off cliff and plummets 60 feet to his death on Christmas Day while distracted by his cell phone’



13 GIFs Take You Inside Some of World War One’s Most Crucial Weapons