The Hunter’s Shop in Branford supports Malloy’s McCarthy style gun control

Seems some gun shop owners just don’t get it.  Let’s look at the facts on these “watch” lists:

  • Nobody has been convicted of a crime.
  • We don’t know how folks get on these lists.
  • It’s nearly impossible to get off the list, even when you can prove your innocence.
  • Most names on the list, most likely don’t belong on these lists.
  • Who’s to say, names don’t get put on the list because they are too popular in the gun rights movement?

Think some of that is speculation?  Stewart Rhodes, founder of “The Oathkeepers” has a lovely 4S rating on his boarding pass.  This means, he gets extra special attention at the airport when he travels for doing NOTHING WRONG.  For some, it’s a badge of honor, but how easy is it to get on the list?

This from WTNH:

“If they’re on a terror watch list, I support it 110%,” said Thomas Imperati, owner the Hunter’s Shop in Branford. “I don’t want to hand anyone a gun if they’re on the list.”

Seems The Hunter’s Shop in Branford doesn’t mind if folks have a scarlet letter on their back for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong.  It is our stance here at the Yankee Gunner podcast to either charge someone or let them go.  We still are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.

BTW, if you still think that innocent folks don’t end up on the list, the links below are kids.  How does a TODDLER end up on the list?  Hell, one kid is only 8!

The toddler is here:

The 8 year old here (and the TSA even tried to LIE ABOUT IT!):

How about this veterinarian?