The Yankee Gunner Podcast – 058

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Local News

Dave Kopel: 2nd Circuit Defied SCOTUS to Uphold ‘Assault Weapon’ Bans

2nd Circuit upholds N.Y. and Conn. arms bans; contradicts Heller and McDonald
—Cabranes’ ruling in Shew v. Malloy  “because the prohibitions are substantially related to the important governmental interests of public safety and crime reduction, they pass constitutional muster.”

Living In Dread Of Sunday Bow Hunting

New Haven 911 line out of service, police say`

Photographer with tripod mistaken for rifle causes lock downs in Stamford

Hartford man arrested for 34th time

Bridgeport thief gets 17 years in prison for stealing 111 firearms from gun factory

UPS employee busted leaving with swiped pistols taped to his legs – Not local, but very similar!

Democrat Blocks Vote on VA Accountability Act in Senate – OUR CT reps don’t want the VA to be held accountable.

Gun owners will have say in new Lowell policy – Interesting to see the town and PD reaching out to gun owners…. IN MA!

It’s Time To Arm Manchester Community College Police

Vermont gun control group in secretive meetings to devise ‘gun violence’ media campaign

John Barrett: An extremely modest proposal for gun owners – This is an example of what “editorials” you will see the media pushing since they can’t control the narrative on the issue unabated like before. The whole “I’m ashamed of my NRA” nonsense.
I’d further add, how modest is this proposal for someone who can’t afford it? They should be denied their rights?

Editorial: Enough Is Enough: Second Amendment Is No License to Kill – CT Law Tribune

Repeal The Second Amendment – Look who wrote this one!

Bangor Maine Police Department – Just to be clear……

Anti-gun New York Democrat calls for infiltration of NRA

Constitutional Carry Law Takes Effect Tomorrow In The State Of Maine

Alleged Burglar Caught By Armed Hartford Property Owner – DGU

PD: Customer shoots man attempting to rob cafe in Waterbury – DGU

Gun Rights Group Reacts After Police Say Waterbury Cafe Patron Shot Would-Be Robber Dead – Video auto starts.

East Haven police investigate after detective accidentally fires weapon – More on those with special privileges in CT.

Police: Hartford Officer’s Gun Stolen From His Personal Vehicle – Special Privileges

Man pulled gun on mall security guard, Milford police say – Headline fails to mention he didn’t legally have the firearm.

Two Darien cops charged in gun incident – Yet they have special gun privileges.  AND they get paid leave!!!

Christie pardons 3 on gun charges after pressure on campaign trail – Always on the campaign trail!


National News

Congressman’s Wife Launches ‘Mothers Against Gun-Free Zones’

Reality TV: Live feeds from police license plate readers posted online, claims report

Senate Dems introduce ‘No Check, No Sale’ bill for gun sales

Bill that would slap $100 tax onto gun sales, put money towards mental health programs heads to Congress

After Robbery, Restaurant Offers Discount to Legal Gun Owners

Charges Dropped Against Man Who Downed Drone

NRA Gets Highest Ever ‘Very Favorable’ Rating in Gallup Survey

Tombstone gunfight re-enactor could face charges

Bradford County Sheriff Gordon Smith supporting Florida Open Carry

Hillary Clinton on Gun Laws

Actress Julianne Moore Launches Gun Control Group, Claims Founding Fathers Would Approve

Gun Store Now Offering Discounts to Christians so They Can Better Protect Themselves

Mother of Oregon Shooting Victim Tells Americans They Must Be Armed

She Was Shot By the Oregon Gunman & Her Thoughts on Gun Control are Driving Liberals Nuts

Hey Ted Cruz, ‘You’re Holding Your Gun Wrong’ – OR IS HE?

Bloomberg, McAuliffe Fail to Win Virginia Senate With Gun-Control Pitch



PEW: Annual Firearm-Related Homicides Down Nearly 50 Percent from 20 Years Ago

Like Prohibition, the fight over guns is about something else

Research: Untrained gun users prove ineffective at self defense – More junk science (we report every episode to the opposite of the conclusion drawn by this “study”.  Time to see who funded it!

A Closer Look at FireClean and Canola Oil

Here Are 5 Times Concealed Carriers Have Stopped Mass Shootings

Do citizens (not police officers) with guns ever stop mass shootings?

Mike Rowe Schools Liberals On What A REAL MAN Is – Follow up to the NY Times “Modern Man” wussification piece.

The NRA will fall. It’s inevitable. – One reason we encourage all gun owners to join!

Gun porn: Magazines found in easy access to kids

DEA Releases New Drug Overdose Death Figures: Guns Safer than Prescription Drugs

Citizen kills robber who has what turns out to be an imitation gun — is the killing lawful self-defense?

Wanna Make Quick Cash? Buy Pipe from Home Depot, Trade It In as a “Shotgun” at Police Buybacks


Defensive Gun Use

Police Praise Concealed Permit Holder for Stopping Waffle House Robbery

While celebrating score, teen robbers shot by CPL-holder they just mugged

Concealed Carrier Saves Kids From Insane Carjacker — Are You Convinced, Yet?

Glendale police ID hammer-wielding man who was fatally shot


In The Classroom

EVERY firearm in it’s proper holster if you carry – period.  MADE for that gun.  This pinhead thought he was “experienced”.

Cody Deneault Has An Excuse For Why His Gun Went Off In A Movie Theater The Other Day: It Was An Accident. Whoops!

Where do you keep firearms in your home?  Are they accessible to you?

Naked Oregon Burglar Crawls Into Bed With Couple, Discovers Man Has Gun



INCREDIBLE! Look Inside This Firing 1911