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Local News

Witless for the Prosecution: New York DA Forces Staff to Forgo Second Amendment Rights

Home invasion, sexual assault in East Hartford under investigation

Cromwell police arrest 1 man after road rage incident

Newtown families’ suit against gun maker sent to state court

27 Ways to Be a Modern Man – NY Times…..   #25 is the anti-gun statement, gotta love their complete and utter love for emasculation.

Toy Gun at Tax Collector’s Office Results in Arrest

CT Against Gun Violence Supports Petition to Cancel Department of Justice Grant to National Shooting Sports Foundation – But…. but….. I thought they cared about “gun safety”???

Cuomo calls for government shut down over gun control

NY Prosecutor Gun Ban Indicative of Wider Intent

Man arrested after early morning shooting in Norwalk – Permit, GONE.  Play stupid games, lose constitutional rights.

Orange Man Arrested After Unlocked Firearm Stolen From His Vehicle

Remington Arms Makes Alabama Official

Target Shooters Accidentally Shoot Woman in Preston

Murphy, Blumenthal, Esty Introduce Bill to Encourage Licensing Requirements For Handgun Purchases

NRA Campaign Contributions Are Being Investigated In Connecticut


National News

Oregon shooting hero tells gunman, ‘It’s my son’s birthday today’

Congressman Sam Johnson Introduces Bill to Protect Social Security Recipients From the Obama Administration’s Most Ambitious (and Outrageous) Gun Grab to Date

Third Time’s the Charm: Federal Appeals Court Voids Provisions of D.C. Gun Control in Heller III

Pope Francis Scolds Congress for Gun and Weapons Sales

State Fair Bans Guns; State Fair Workers Robbed at Gun Point

Ex-Con Shoots Self In Groin, Tells Cops A Black Man Did It

Malicious Conspiracy Theories On The WDBJ News Crew Shooting – This is what makes us look like whack jobs.

San Francisco’s Last Gun Shop, High Bridge Arms, To Close

Can Cannon classified as NFA-regulated

Ignoring Bloomberg and Moms Demand Action, Kroger Continues Record Growth

Court strikes down four DC gun control laws

Jeb Bush: There’s Not a National Right to Gun Ownership



CNN Poll: Registered Voters Continue Revolt Against More Gun Control

Public School Violates Constitution Asks Students How Many Guns their Parents Own and Why!

FBI: Latest Crime Stats Released. Decrease in 2014 Violent Crimes, Property Crimes

U.S. Adds Nearly 200 Million Privately Owned Guns, Firearm Suicide Rate Decreases

Radical Left Group Makes Video of Conservative Dana Loesch Shooting Herself in the Face

We Lost Our Daughter to a Mass Shooter and Now Owe $203,000 to His Ammo Dealer

You Have to See Miss America Contestant’s Response on Question About Gun Ban [VIDEO]


Defensive Gun Use

Armed Man Kills Intruder During Reynoldsburg Home Invasion

Customer shoots bank robber in Warren – If a bank has a “No Guns” sign, I switch banks.

Three Arrested For Hartford Robbery – Not a DGU, but a learning moment.

Woman Shoots, Kills Alleged Home Invader During One Hour Wait for 911 Response


In The Classroom

Mindset and Life