The Yankee Gunner Podcast – 055

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Local News

Stolen, sold gun traced back to suspect in Derby

Burlington trails closed after bear approaches hiker

Pokemon World Championships Threatened, Boston Police Arrest 2

Boston’s 2015 gun buyback nets 1 gun

Regal movie theaters checking bags as added security measure

Sandy Hook families file complaint against NRA

Dr. William Petit Reacts To Death Penalty Ruling

Gun Rights Group Wins ‘Big Victory’ in Court Against Anti-Gun NY Governor: ‘It Was Total Intimidation’

Milford Man Calls 911, Ends Up Being Arrested Himself

Orange selectmen reconsider gun show after outcry


National News

Suspect in Killing of Virginia News Crew Reportedly Shoots Himself

Four dead in shootout in Roma camp in France

2 members of U.S. military stop Islamist attacker on train in Belgium

DC Police Chief and mayor say murder spike is due to ‘high-capacity guns’, yet they don’t track that data *auto starts

Terrorist Is ‘Dumbfounded’ That He’s Taken for a Terrorist (France terror suspect)

Walmart to stop selling AR-15s and similar guns

SAF, NSSF, NRA Team Up in Lawsuit Against Seattle’s Firearms Tax

NRA instructs Indiana National Guard on firearms



Officer refused service at Chuck E. Cheese’s for carrying firearm

What Your NRA Decal Says About You – This is a cached version, the original has since been removed.

Vox Uses Hilariously Inaccurate Photo On NRA Hit Piece – This is how dumb they are, especially regarding history!

How To Survive A Mass Shooting

Court: People in US illegally have the right to carry guns

Cop Asks Open Carry Advocates to Leave Town

An Anti-Hunter Trying to Save Ducks Accidentally Gets Shot in the Face [VIDEO]


Defensive Gun Use (DGU)

“Good Guy With A Gun” Store Clerk Kills Armed Thug To Defend Self, Customer

This 14 Year Old’s Dad Taught Him How to Use a Gun. He Used That Skill to Save His Family. [VIDEO]

2 men attempt to rob, rape elderly woman in her Monterey County home

That Feeling When You A Robber, But Your Victim’s An Off Duty Cop, And Now You Dead.


Man Shoots Robber In Street Fight Turned Home Invasion

Store owner turns the tables on armed robbers


In The Classroom

Home layout for personal defense

  • Do you carry in the home?
  • Do you have a firearm within easy reach?
  • Caveats?  Children?  Guests?

  • Airsoft is HUGE here.  Easy way to train scanning without needing a 360 degree range


OMG: Gun Muggles Get Punked By Real Firearms Instructor

Hitler Finds Out USPSA Carry Optics Division is Already Gamed

MollyAnn Wymer-I had to buy some protection.