Can we please stop the “no deaths in Newtown” nonsense? Please? It makes gun owners look like idiots.

There, I said it.

We really need to take off our tinfoil hats and stop looking like the anti-gun groups useful idiots.  Insomuch as I wouldn’t doubt that these groups planted this nonsense on purpose.

Let’s look at the facts:

  1. Sandy Hook/Newtown happened.
  2. 28 people died that day.  27 were murdered (not the insane 26 number we keep hearing, Nancy Lanza was murdered too and is part of the data).  1 suicide (Adam Lanza).
  3. FBI receives reports from local jurisdictions and Newtown is listed as ZERO. Picture 1 below.
  4. Newtown PD did NOT coordinate the investigation.  The CT State Police conducted the investigation. So, Newtown did NOT report any murders.
  5. The state of CT did, in fact report 27 Misc. murders in their report called “Crime in Connecticut”.
  6. There is a section that deals with “UCR” or Unified Crime Reporting.  This describes the process used to gather data.
  7. Further down in the report you get to a section called “Connecticut Summary Statistics”.
  8. On page 15, “Murder Cont.” look under “Murder Circumstances”.  You will find category “other” where you find 27.  That is the Murder in Newtown that day of 20 children, six educators and Nancy Lanza.  Picture 2 below.
  9. Suicide is not tracked in that report.

Picture 1: FBI Crime Data. Newtown shows zero murders.

Picture 2:  Connecticut Unified Crime Reports:  Shows the 27 murders under "Misc.".

Picture 2: Connecticut Unified Crime Reports: Shows the 27 murders under “Misc.”.

Given the two reports, you can clearly see where the 27 murders were reported.  Only saying “it didn’t happen” makes gun owners look like idiots and disrespects those that died that day.

What makes all of this worse, there is plenty of room for speculation and coverups.  Why was legislation passed so independent investigation would be blocked?  Why did all personnel at the site of the crime have to sign non-disclosure agreements?  Why was the school destroyed before any independent investigation?

When you look at all those questions, you can then ask yourself:  Did Adam Lanza actually shoot/consume 30 rounds in each magazine?  Many have speculated he did not and did plenty of administrative reloads where he would shoot a few rounds and reload.  In that case, the 30 round magazine limit would have been moot.  Many of the State Police pictures showed empty magazines (with ammo removed) displaying a full 30 rounds unused (Picture 3) .

Why are we not allowed to look at Adam Lanzas medical records?  Why are we not allowed to see Nancy Lanza’s correspondence with the state?  Did she reach out to the Department of Mental Health and Addictive Services like many friends and independent investigations have found?  I will do future reports on that one.

All these questions are just a tip of the iceberg.  We will never get to the real information if those looking for it constantly have to be on the defensive from such horrible conspiracy theories.


Picture 3 – Magazines and ammunition – full 30 rounds
Picture 4 – The Saiga shotgun in the trunk.

Connecticut State Police Release Sandy Hook Report

Picture 3: Notice exhibit 44 shows 2 magazines and exhibit 46 shows 30 rounds unused each.


Picture 4: The Saiga shotgun in the trunk. Many kept saying this was an AR. Obviously, not.