The Yankee Gunner Podcast – 034

Is available for download here.  (and I was wrong about Jan Michael Vincent, those were internet rumors, he’s still alive!).

Local News

2014 CCDL Candidate Endorsements

FRIDAY NEWS DUMP — TOM FOLEY ENDORSED BY CCDL – CCDL gets branded “extreme” by everyone, including Malloy.

Head of CCDL Hits Back At Malloy Campaign

Foley On Wrong Side Of CCDL

Republican Foley gets gun rights group endorsement in Conn. race for governor – I just love hearing CCDL in that “hoitey toitey”public radio voice.

Malloy slams Foley on guns in new TV ad

First gubernatorial debate held in Norwich – listen in at :42 seconds.  Malloy takes credit for something that was already happening.

Tom Foley Supports Current Connecticut Gun Laws & Common Core – This is why I can’t consider this site to be serious.  It’s just not true.  I don’t know where they are getting their information from.

Incumbent faces tough battle in Connecticut rematch

Local Democratic leaders accuse Foley of courting gun rights group

Marine veteran tossed out of Six Flags for pro-gun tee-shirt

New Haven roundtable focuses on police use of military hardware

Sculpture Made of Gun Parts Unveiled in Bushnell Park

Lyman Claims National Championship, Earns a Spot on the U.S. National Junior Team

Gun Shop Owner Says He’s Been Forced to Turn Over 165 Customer Records — Why He Fears ‘Door-to-Door Confiscation’ Could Be Next

Sheriffs pack courtroom in Perry County concealed carry lawsuit – Similar to above case, but in PA.  Both cases have been getting confused int he media lately.

Connecticut Carry 2014 Election Statement

What Happens To The Gun Control Debate If Malloy Loses In Connecticut?

Second arrest in gun store theft

Local police well-armed with surplus military equipment – This article has a “search” function so you can look town by town what was bought and for how much.

——Davis, CA City Council Votes to Dispose of Its Military-Style MRAP Vehicle

SWAT team breaks down door, shoots man as he watched TV with friend  – New post, older incident.  Easton, CT.  No knock raids must end.

‘Winner’ Of Russian Roulette Charged In Vernon

NYPD brass to cops: Stop using Kahr K-9 semi-automatic pistol as an off-duty gun


National News

Second Amendment Foundation acquires Jewish gun group

Everybody’s Favorite Democrat Wishes Ebola Virus On NRA Members – same nutball we’ve heard from before wanting nude pictures of Kendall Jones (possibly underage too).

7-Year-Old Boy Injured While Target Shooting in California – Look how the media plays this one out.  Title says it all.  They want to make it so kids are raised to fear the gun.

2013 Guns Sales Set New Record

Discovery, Red Jacket Firearms cut ties with ‘Sons of Guns’ star after arrest for raping minor (VIDEO)

Military base ‘active shooter’ injures self in Fort Lee, Va. (+video) – Wasn’t an active shooter, but that didn’t stop the media from keeping guns in the spotlight, predictably, again.

Man uses Biden defense, charges dropped.

Chicago crime rate drops as concealed carry applications surge – video “auto starts”

Former Congressman Allen West Just Got a New Tattoo That Pro-Gun Advocates Are Saying Is ‘Just Awesome!!!’ 


I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me.

Moms Demand Action goes after supermarket chain Kroger with ads

—–Moms: Don’t flash your gun at Kroger – Started as a ban on carry period.  Now, shifting to OC since Kroeger told them where they can go…..

—–Why Moms Demand Action Is Desperately Bullying Kroger

—–Moms’ Group Calls Out Kroger’s Gun Policy In Unprecedented New Ad Campaign – This link has all the ad pictures.

2A BOMBSHELL: Moms Demand Action Leader was Slapped with a Protective Order – Watts Still Kept her on Board!

Pro-gun advocates boycotting ‘No Guns Allowed’ businesses – I started a group here in CT.  You can find that group here:

More than 57,000 gun-friendly bars, eateries crop up across America

Quote of the Day: Geraldo! Edition – This is what the media really thinks about you.

Can You Carry a Concealed Weapon into a Bank? – TONS of unsubstantiated claims here, why is this even being reported?

VIDEO: MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough’s Ignorant Rant About the Second Amendment Will Make Your Blood Boil

Feds creating database to track hate speech on Twitter

In Silvester v. Harris Federal District Court Judge Anthony W. Ishii rules that there is no evidence that a “cooling off” benefit exists from waiting periods

Women emerge as forceful voice in defending firearm ownership

Suicide with a gun twice as likely as homicide — about 50 people per day  – The language kills me.  “twice as likely”…. assumes you want to kill yourself?  Also, with near 16,000 deaths per year by handgun and half of them suicide, it doesn’t make the odds “double” when it’s 1 in 2.  EVEN if you use common core math.


Defensive Gun Use Highlights

Homeowner Forced to Shoot Intruder After Begging 911 For Help – listen to the audio.  The guy obviously didn’t want to shoot anyone.

Widow with a gun, an Arizona story worth celebrating


In The Classroom

Idaho State University Professor Accidentally Shoots Self During Class – Another example of how we are our own worst enemy. Holster would have prevented this.

Let’s talk Holsters this week.  Let’s talk problems with some companies like “Alien Gear” and why you shouldn’t be married to your gear (especially if it’s from a company that can’t keep up with demand).
There is no such thing as a universal holster for the most part.

How much should you expect to pay?
What to do if you can’t find one for your firearm?

This is one reason I say stick with a modern production firearm.



Fast forward to about 1:09, the governor clearly mocks Visconti, Viscontibots look at it as a positive mention….

From Danbury News Times, Sunday August 31st and repeated in a bunch of papers. Spot what’s wrong with this picture? LOL.