Open carry case is heard at the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners

Good news:  Open carry prevailed.
Bad news:  It was actually a split board with a 3/3 vote.  So, appellant wins in those cases.

The BFPE admitted across the board that open carry is legal.  The chairman of the board clearly has an issue with open carry and a citizen standing up for his rights.  To actually ask him if he practices all his rights so vigorously, was rather insane.  I sure as hell do!

Interesting to note is the ineffective use of council as mentioned by the chairman.  I know Scott personally.  He did nothing wrong and he was going to stand firm on his rights.  I have no idea what the hell Scott’s council was thinking by opening up with a “boneheadded mistake”.  What kind of defense is that for a guy standing up for his rights?

You can decide for yourself.  West Haven never even sent the arresting officer.  So, we can see how serious it is for them to pursue the matter.