From Bunkerville, NV

I just got off the phone with some people I know in Bunkerville, NV at the Bundy ranch.  There is a lot going on over there that we just do not see in the mainstream media.

Now, it seems many are focused on words from the family patriarch.  Like anything else that the agenda driven media doesn’t agree with (or the current Presidential administration), the attention once again is diverted to racism.  With “Houdini like” skills of misdirection (and slick editing), the government is using the media to push a narrative of “ignore the truth on this hand, look at all the agenda driven media on this one!”.  Why wouldn’t the President use the media in this manner – it’s good to be the king!

As I write this, I’m seeing shades of Ruby Ridge once again.  The media is creating a buzz surrounding what’s going on.  Now they get the story of racism (much like Ruby Ridge), and most of the media trucks move out.  Now, without that watchful eye of the public, what will the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) do now?  We’ve have seen what happened at Waco and Ruby Ridge.  Can this be what is expected here?

Below are some words I just received while talking to someone on the phone that is in Bunkerville.

Standing watch, on a hill, above the Bundy family ranch.  Knowing that military scopes and snipers are trained on you (and watching Blackhawk helicopters circling the perimeter), somehow the personal feelings of an individual member of an American family seem insignificant.

It’s the act of tyranny from the federal government that many here will not tolerate and observe from the sidelines.

It’s a family trying to do what they’ve been doing for generations that’s now being stolen from them for some governmental monetary gain. It’s ludicrous.

Somebody on sight in Bunkerville, NV

As a student of history, I can only hope that the folks standing up to this tyranny can return to their families safely.  I have to remain optimistic, because many are my friends.  But it’s hard not to be pessimistic when you look at recent history and make the comparisons to other recent (yet similar) tragedies.