The Yankee Gunner Podcast – 010

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We made it in a little over two hours!  Hey, it’s a start.

Local News:

Editorial:  The Holster On My Hip

Editorial:  Have Guns… Will Travel!

Sharkey Wants Video Game Companies to Stop Licensing Real Guns 

Police spend $29,500 to collect 103 guns

New Haven pizza store owner fights back against robbers – Defensive Firearms Use

2 detained after break in – Defensive Firearms Use

Speaker wants to review Conn. self-defense laws

CNN Reports: Gun Sales Surge In Newtown After Shooting


National News

ATF advances executive gun controls with proposed trust rule change

Member of ‘Obama Boyz’ gang charged in St. Louis shootings

AR-15 triggered fire that killed Tennessee father and son – Look at a lot of those comments from the compassionate left….

Moms Demand Action: Shannon Watts, The Plastic Gardener.

As 3D-printed rifles get real, are changes to gun-control laws coming?

Can You Spot the Vital Gun Safety Rule Violated at Mayor Bloomberg’s Press Conference on Massive Seizure of Firearms?

Giffords’ gun group to return Midler foundation donation

Burlington City Council approves gun ban – Vermont

Oregon Supreme Court – Portland’s Ban on Loaded Guns in Public Places UPHELD

Washington Open Carrier Awarded $15k Settlement After Cop Drew Gun on Him

Latte With An Extra Shot? As Gun Lovers Hold Armed Rallies At Starbucks, Howard Schultz Faces Call To Ban Weapons

Mom-based gun control group calls for Starbucks boycottMom-based gun control group calls for Starbucks boycott



Gun Crime ‘Out of Control’ Despite Strict Australia Laws

Brian Holbrook Defends Guns On Facebook Hours After Son Fatally Shoots Himself

New Details Emerge in Home Invasion Case [Update]

Facebook goes ban-happy, punishes user for saying ‘thank you’

Facebook group that promotes criminal 911 calling whenever they see someone with an open carried firearm

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