Firearms inventory requests from the state, why would you want to do this?

So, I sat at the legislature as our fate and rights were being whittled away in Hartford.  I was actually reading the new bill and saw all the “new” items that will end up being called “assault weapons”.  I got to thinking, I haven’t requested my inventory/registry record in some time, I should check.  Sure enough, there are discrepancies.  Then, I talk to a few others who decided to do the same and yep, even more errors.

My argument for getting your records checked is based on media reports over the last few weeks.  A few times, people have had firearms temporarily confiscated by the state only to have some end up “missing” upon return.  Come to find out, they are told they are “assault weapons” and can’t be returned.  That, is a whole ‘nother discussion.  That being said, I want to make sure my neck isn’t “in the noose” for something someone else does with a firearm I used to own.  The chances of that are VERY rare.  However, if I sold a firearm, I don’t want my doors getting kicked in after something else happens “down the road”.

I had called the state in the past for a copy of my inventory.  They used to mail it to the address on record.  They will not do this any longer.  The “Special Licensing Firearms Unit” require a notarized request.  I developed a letter to help everyone get copies of their inventory/registry.  I’m more concerned with what I no longer have, than what I do have.

I hope this helps. PDF link below: