New forms have been released (needed to comply with the new legislation).

The Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) have released the new forms needed to comply with this legislative sessions massive anti-gun legislation.

On this page, the big thing to note here are the two new forms:

DPS 414-C – this is the dreaded “assault weapon” form. From the DPS website:

Please submit proof that you purchased the weapon on or prior to April 4, 2013. A valid sale receipt and or a DPS-3 form or sworn affidavit are acceptable forms of proof.

Magazine Declaration Form – DESPP-788-C – Is the form needed to declare your magazines.

Remember, January 1st is a holiday and the two weeks before that are absolute madness to make the deadline.  If you plan on sending the paperwork in, make sure you plan ahead enough (two weeks or so) and send it certified return receipt requested and follow up to make sure.