The Yankee Gunner Podcast – Episode 006

Here it is: The Yankee Gunner Podcast – 006

Sorry for the delay… dug up some of my old gear to make recording easier, and well….. the software didn’t want to cooperate.  Heck, I even had this done a few days ago.  Suffice it to say, it is here, but the audio conversion is a bit “funky” to say the least.  I had to change the audio to a variable bit rate in order for the MP3 to record.  Otherwise, the normal format sounded like I was talking under water!  I’ll have this fixed soon.

Because of all the news, changes, laws and new forms, I’ll add another podcast later this week.  It’s been busy and I have a lot to report.

CT Gun Laws – Updated

The legislative session is over, but not before a little more damage……. and some minor correction.  Regarding the new laws, here is what you need to read:

Senate Bill 1160 – PA 13-3 – This is the main bill as passed in April.

Senate Bill 1094 – the first amendment to the bill.

Amendment to SB 1094

PA13-3_FAQ – DESPP memo, makes above easier to understand.  Not to be construed as legal advice.  As always, get yourself an attorney!!!

CT News

Legislature closes gun-law loophole

PD: man with gun refused to show permit

Open carry arrest in Ohio nets $3.6M lawsuit – not CT, but related to above.

Fourth Circuit Finds That Carrying a Firearm in an Open-Carry State Does Not Create Reasonable Suspicion and Provides Thorough Analysis of the “Free to Leave” Standard of Seizure – also related to above.

Cops: Man pulled gun on veterinarian

OP-ED | New Gun Law: Good Intentions Meet With Reality

State took guns of man for mischief night egg fight – ALMOST 4 DECADES AGO!!!

Judge Orders Guns Returned To Farmington Man Accused Of Threatening

If You Won’t Pass Laws We Like, You Owe Us Money, Say Connecticut Politicians

Pistol permit applications in New Britain up sharply since Newtown

New Britain man arrested after posting pics of illegal guns on Facebook


National/International News

Reuters – Gun crime plunges, though most Americans think it has risen.

Empire State DA: I won’t prosecute Cuomo’s new gun law

Justice Dept Admits Gun Buybacks, Bans, & Large Capacity Magazine Restrictions Don’t Work!

Life-Size ‘Call Of Duty’ Statue Perplexes LAPD In Game Studio Raid

New Poll Shows England Wants Its Guns Back

Staples Says Gun Store Can’t Enter Contest

Square Payment Processing Now Does Not Allow Any Guns, Weapons, or Ammo Transactions

Joe Scarborough, Piers Morgan: Obama Scandals Prove Gun Advocates Aren’t Crazy