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Local News

‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Season Opener Will Mirror 12/14

Newtown unanimously adopts new firearms ordinance

Pistol permit applications temporarily accepted at facility in Tolland

Stratford man jailed for shooting himself

Gun Advocates Try To Speed Up Case Against State

CCDL on Toni Boucher

Gun owners weigh in on Boucher announcement

Dems join push to bar guns in Starbucks

Sneeze and Shin Shoot in New Haven


National News

Colorado Senate President John Morse, state Sen. Angela Giron ousted

Iowa grants gun permits to the blind

Man with rifle wounded in faceoff with Edmonds police

Warning: D.C. cops under orders to arrest tourists with empty bullet casings

Exploding targets: shooting aid or a ‘bomb kit for dummies?’

Harvard study reveals gun control counterproductive

If you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough: Seattle stores feel backlash over anti-gun campaign

New Gun Friendly Credit Card Processing

ATF To Extend CLEO Sign-Off To EVERY Person Listed on Gun Trusts

Rally For Gun Background Checks Quickly Becomes Pro-Gun Event

The Hiring Follies of Troy Industries

Obama’s new executive order will kill the 110-year-old Civilian Marksmanship Program

Guns don’t offer protection – whatever the National Rifle Association says

North Carolina law prohibits police from destroying guns

‘Moms Demand Action’ Threaten False Police Reports

“You Don’t Need Guns You Need Laws to Keep You Safe” Says Colorado Democrat

Woman Fends Off Carjackers

Maryland Gun Applications Soar




Sampson & Markley Pledge to Protect Gun Owners Rights DESPP Clarifies New Law

Hartford Police: Felon Caught With Handgun

Liberal’s letter to the editor goes viral for stupidity

Liberal media distort the gun debate; loaded language misleads the public

LA Times Claims ‘Democrats Led Passage’ of 1964 Civil Rights Act 

18 Little Known Gun Facts

The Yankee Gunner Podcast – 010

Episode 10 is now available for download here

We made it in a little over two hours!  Hey, it’s a start.

Local News:

Editorial:  The Holster On My Hip

Editorial:  Have Guns… Will Travel!

Sharkey Wants Video Game Companies to Stop Licensing Real Guns 

Police spend $29,500 to collect 103 guns

New Haven pizza store owner fights back against robbers – Defensive Firearms Use

2 detained after break in – Defensive Firearms Use

Speaker wants to review Conn. self-defense laws

CNN Reports: Gun Sales Surge In Newtown After Shooting


National News

ATF advances executive gun controls with proposed trust rule change

Member of ‘Obama Boyz’ gang charged in St. Louis shootings

AR-15 triggered fire that killed Tennessee father and son – Look at a lot of those comments from the compassionate left….

Moms Demand Action: Shannon Watts, The Plastic Gardener.

As 3D-printed rifles get real, are changes to gun-control laws coming?

Can You Spot the Vital Gun Safety Rule Violated at Mayor Bloomberg’s Press Conference on Massive Seizure of Firearms?

Giffords’ gun group to return Midler foundation donation

Burlington City Council approves gun ban – Vermont

Oregon Supreme Court – Portland’s Ban on Loaded Guns in Public Places UPHELD

Washington Open Carrier Awarded $15k Settlement After Cop Drew Gun on Him

Latte With An Extra Shot? As Gun Lovers Hold Armed Rallies At Starbucks, Howard Schultz Faces Call To Ban Weapons

Mom-based gun control group calls for Starbucks boycottMom-based gun control group calls for Starbucks boycott



Gun Crime ‘Out of Control’ Despite Strict Australia Laws

Brian Holbrook Defends Guns On Facebook Hours After Son Fatally Shoots Himself

New Details Emerge in Home Invasion Case [Update]

Facebook goes ban-happy, punishes user for saying ‘thank you’

Facebook group that promotes criminal 911 calling whenever they see someone with an open carried firearm

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The Yankee Gunner Podcast – Episode 009


Episode 9 is available for download here:

Wicked long show (3 hours!)…. this should get y’all through a few commutes to work!  There was a LOT of activity in CT the last couple of weeks.  Especially last week with the New Haven/Toad’s Place/Ted Nugent protests as well as the Starbucks Appreciation Day in Newtown.  Our elected “representatives” didn’t exactly make this a light week either!

Our leading stories:

Standing our ground in New Haven, CT; support for Ted Nugent and Toad’s Place

Protesters at Ted Nugent’s New Haven concert square off over racism (video, slideshow)

Protestors Clash With Nugent Fans At Toad’s

Ted Nugent At Toad’s Place

Crowd protests Ted Nugent concert in New Haven, Conn. over right-wing rocker’s comments on Trayvon Martin

Newtown Starbucks locks doors early after gun activists come to town

Guns and coffee: Area advocates stage ‘Starbucks Appreciation Day’

Gun groups to show support for Starbucks gun policy Friday

Gun Owners Plan Starbucks Appreciation Day Around Country Including Newtown

Newtown, Conn. Starbucks Closing Early Over Gun Group Event

MadCow and s’Murphy

Local News

Controversial firearms ordinance gets approval

Newtown shooting report expected in fall

In Newtown, Gun Permits Surge After Shooting

Public Last In Line To Learn Newtown Investigation Details

Despite No Report Yet on Shootings, Connecticut Police Give Talks on Newtown

Blue Trail team aims to be ‘the best of the best’

Bill Would Keep Guns From Abusive Boyfriends

State Police seek 39 new jobs to handle gun law workload

Two Bridgeport Men Charged in Drug-Related Murder

GOP must stand up on guns

National News

N.Y. newspaper that endangered gun owners hit with layoffs

Quinnipiac Poll: Majority of Americans Support ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws

Walden, NY Mayor – Mayors Against Illegal Guns Offered to Pay Me Off to Remain Member of Anti-Gun Group

How Big Is The Internet Gun Sales Loophole Conservative Media Claim Doesn’t Exist? – This is the nonsense the lamestream media keeps repeating.

Family fights back when 3 gunmen storm their home; one intruder shot

MILLER: ‘Docs vs. Glocks’ showdown in Florida

Waxman Introduces Massive Firearms Ban Bill in House

Younger generation key to perpetuating ‘legal’ recognition of gun rights

Chris Christie 10 New Gun Laws

North Carolina Gun Laws Expanding Freedom

Playing the Race Card, Again

The 25 Most Dangerous Cities In America

Director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns – Don’t Shoot Someone Attacking You With Axe Handle

This Is How the NRA Ends A bigger, richer, meaner gun-control movement has arrived

The moment George Zimmerman was pulled over with a GUN and told officers he was ‘going nowhere in particular’

AP refuses to comment after requesting gun permit data

Pelosi Urges Congress to Uphold Constitution by Passing Gun Control


ArchOil – This stuff is AWESOME!!!

INFOGRAPHIC: Gun Crimes Plummet Even As Gun Sales Rise

Leaked Democrat memo chillingly discusses how to use tragedies to push for gun control



Republicans in CT that voted against your rights

The following is some work I did today regarding how our CT Republicans voted AGAINST their constituency by voting away your firearms rights.

Let’s remind them of this when the primaries come around and we get rid of them and support their successor!

Source data:  Project Vote Smart

Senate Republicans:

District Name
21 Sen.  Kevin  C.  Kelly  
24 Sen.  Michael  A.  McLachlan  
26 Sen.  Antonietta  ‘Toni’  Boucher  
28 Sen.  John  P.  McKinney  
34 Sen.  Leonard  A.  ‘Len’  Fasano  
36 Sen.  L. Scott  Frantz  

House Republicans:

District Name
14 Rep.  Bill  Aman  
31 Rep.  Prasad  Srinivasan  
32 Rep.  Christie  Carpino  
69 Rep.  Arthur  J.  O’Neill  
87 Rep.  Dave  Yaccarino  
101 Rep.  Noreen  S.  Kokoruda  
106 Rep.  Mitch  Bolinsky  
108 Rep.  Richard  A.  Smith  
111 Rep.  John  H.  Frey  
112 Rep.  Debra Lee  Hovey  
114 Rep.  Themis  Klarides  
125 Rep.  Tom  O’Dea  
132 Rep.  Brenda  L.  Kupchick  
134 Rep.  Tony  Hwang  
135 Rep.  John  T.  Shaban  
141 Rep.  Terrie  E.  Wood  
142 Rep.  Lawrence  F.  Cafero  Jr.
143 Rep.  Gail  Lavielle  
149 Rep.  Livvy  R.  Floren  
150 Rep.  Stephen  G.  Walko 

Face the State – Challenging the new gun law

I actually like the program.  Often giving fair time to both sides of the issue.  Hell, I’ve even been on the show.

Peter Sachs, Dan Haar and even a historical piece with former State Senator Abraham Ribicoff.  Interesting view.

Forgive the horrible page formatting, it’s in the code from the WFSB website and I don’t see a way to fix it.  I kept the post “as is” because finding these episodes more than a week after they air isn’t easy.

WFSB 3 Connecticut  WFSB 3 Connecticut
WFSB 3 Connecticut