Stewart Rhodes speaks at the First Annual NY Oath Keepers Awards Dinner

Stewart Rhodes was the keynote speaker at the first annual NY Oath Keepers awards dinner.  The video was recorded by Mert Melfa.

Below, you’ll find video.  For those that listen to the podcast via an aggregator using RSS, the audio file is available in our feed and via download right here.

Thanks to Mert Melfa for allowing me to convert and share the audio of Stewart’s speech.

The Yankee Gunner Podcast – Episode 009


Episode 9 is available for download here:

Wicked long show (3 hours!)…. this should get y’all through a few commutes to work!  There was a LOT of activity in CT the last couple of weeks.  Especially last week with the New Haven/Toad’s Place/Ted Nugent protests as well as the Starbucks Appreciation Day in Newtown.  Our elected “representatives” didn’t exactly make this a light week either!

Our leading stories:

Standing our ground in New Haven, CT; support for Ted Nugent and Toad’s Place

Protesters at Ted Nugent’s New Haven concert square off over racism (video, slideshow)

Protestors Clash With Nugent Fans At Toad’s

Ted Nugent At Toad’s Place

Crowd protests Ted Nugent concert in New Haven, Conn. over right-wing rocker’s comments on Trayvon Martin

Newtown Starbucks locks doors early after gun activists come to town

Guns and coffee: Area advocates stage ‘Starbucks Appreciation Day’

Gun groups to show support for Starbucks gun policy Friday

Gun Owners Plan Starbucks Appreciation Day Around Country Including Newtown

Newtown, Conn. Starbucks Closing Early Over Gun Group Event

MadCow and s’Murphy

Local News

Controversial firearms ordinance gets approval

Newtown shooting report expected in fall

In Newtown, Gun Permits Surge After Shooting

Public Last In Line To Learn Newtown Investigation Details

Despite No Report Yet on Shootings, Connecticut Police Give Talks on Newtown

Blue Trail team aims to be ‘the best of the best’

Bill Would Keep Guns From Abusive Boyfriends

State Police seek 39 new jobs to handle gun law workload

Two Bridgeport Men Charged in Drug-Related Murder

GOP must stand up on guns

National News

N.Y. newspaper that endangered gun owners hit with layoffs

Quinnipiac Poll: Majority of Americans Support ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws

Walden, NY Mayor – Mayors Against Illegal Guns Offered to Pay Me Off to Remain Member of Anti-Gun Group

How Big Is The Internet Gun Sales Loophole Conservative Media Claim Doesn’t Exist? – This is the nonsense the lamestream media keeps repeating.

Family fights back when 3 gunmen storm their home; one intruder shot

MILLER: ‘Docs vs. Glocks’ showdown in Florida

Waxman Introduces Massive Firearms Ban Bill in House

Younger generation key to perpetuating ‘legal’ recognition of gun rights

Chris Christie 10 New Gun Laws

North Carolina Gun Laws Expanding Freedom

Playing the Race Card, Again

The 25 Most Dangerous Cities In America

Director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns – Don’t Shoot Someone Attacking You With Axe Handle

This Is How the NRA Ends A bigger, richer, meaner gun-control movement has arrived

The moment George Zimmerman was pulled over with a GUN and told officers he was ‘going nowhere in particular’

AP refuses to comment after requesting gun permit data

Pelosi Urges Congress to Uphold Constitution by Passing Gun Control


ArchOil – This stuff is AWESOME!!!

INFOGRAPHIC: Gun Crimes Plummet Even As Gun Sales Rise

Leaked Democrat memo chillingly discusses how to use tragedies to push for gun control



Massad Ayoob – The President is a sore loser

Always a good read, Mas does not disappoint.

A very angry Chief Executive declares that Senators who see reality and prevent what’s best described as “the tyranny of the (uninformed) majority” have somehow subverted the process. He then manages, with practically the same lungful of air, to spout bogus statistics and simultaneously accuse those who told the truth of willful deception.

Read the whole blog entry here: