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Plea to All Friends of Mike Vanderboegh

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

Local News

Open-Carry Gun Owner Videotapes Police Requesting His Permit Inside Connecticut Store. Just Wait Until You Get a Load of His Answer.

Police: Southington man fired gun into ground near Henny Penny on Saturday

To the man I sat next to on the train: I am the gun owner you hate

Wal-Mart Sued Over Sale of Bullets Used in Pennsylvania Murders

Gunman Who Tried to Execute Philadelphia Cop Pledged Allegiance to ISIS

Obama Said Connecticut Had A 40 Percent Drop In Gun Deaths. Really?

Do you agree with President Obama’s executive order on gun control?

Suspects sought following home invasion, shooting at Southington home

COLUMN: A ban on firearms won’t stop gun violence

Proposed New Jersey Gun Laws


National News

Biden: ‘The Second Amendment Says You Can Limit Who Can Own A Gun’ [VIDEO]

Georgia Democrats Introduce ‘Assault Weapon’ Confiscation Bill – Don’t they say it’s not about confiscation?

Hickok45 here

Ruger now in the business of making silencers

Middle school students in Utah may soon get gun safety lessons

Congressman to Introduce Fifty-State Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill For Gun-Shy D.C.

Photos: FL Gun Store Fills Arcade Claw Machine with AR-15 Parts

Background checks for gun sales at record high in 2015

Bill allows suits over gun-free zone incidents



Dems push bill to let gun violence victims sue gun-makers – Plenty of straw man arguments here!

Irish homeowners now have legal right to shoot intruders

News Station Puts Concealed Carry Permit Holders to the Test in Realistic ‘Good Guys’ vs. ‘Bad Guys’ Scenarios

Poll: 2 Percent Placed ‘Guns/Gun Control’ on 2015 List of ‘Most Important Problems’

Rasmussen: Voters Oppose Obama’s Executive Action For Gun Control

What If the Oregon Occupiers Were Muslim or Black?

13 Charts Put America’s Gun Violence in Perspective

AP: Obama’s Claims About ATF, Background Checks Not Accurate

FACT SHEET: New Executive Actions to Reduce Gun Violence and Make Our Communities Safer

Obama Asked Celebrities to Help Push Gun Control. This is What Mike Rowe Did Instead…

BREAKING: ATF Issues Final Ruling on NFA Trusts, Eliminates CLEO Sign-Off for ALL NFA Paperwork

Discoveries of an Anti-Gunner: My Conversion to the Other Side

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? – Trigger Point’s Tigger-Mounted Light/Laser Switch

Gun control groups go ballistic after NRA reboots Red Riding Hood with a twist

Comedian Shows It’s Easier To Buy A Gun Than To Get A Fishing License!


Defensive Gun Use

Southington resident holds gun on man trying to steal his car

Would-be robber shot in chest by woman, 65, after he followed her home

T-Mobile store employee shoots 2 armed robbery suspects – Irony is the “no guns” sign on the door.  I guess the criminals missed the sign.


In The Classroom

Should you carry or keep your self defense gun on an empty chamber?

Florida mother shoots daughter she thought was intruder





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Local News

Upcoming metallic reloading class – Awesome instruction and really affordable too!

Stag Arms owner pleads guilty to federal firearms charges, must leave gun business

Malloy still hasn’t issued ‘Executive Order’

Democrat Senator Uses Gang Incidents to Raise Annual ‘Mass Shootings’ from 4 to 372

NY Lawmakers: Limit Ammo Purchases to 20 Rounds Every 90 Days

Cop’s assault rifle stolen

Former officer accused of writing racist letter targeting himself makes court appearance

NH ruling grants immunity to police

‘Active Shooter’: NH fire extinguishers at the ready

Long Island Toy Gun Swap: “We want to stop the gun culture”

Police arrest woman brandishing gun outside Torrington Police Department

Feds Argue Against Release Of Alleged Mosque Shooter

Cops: Man brought gun into mall


National News

Obama to take executive action on gun control next week

OK Senator Introduces Pro Gun “Piers Morgan Act” Allowing Open Carry Without License

Samuel L. Jackson: I Wanted San Bernardino Attack to be Carried Out By ‘Crazy White Dude’

Police in California can seize guns without prior notice starting Jan. 1

Black Lives Matter Thug Who Tweeted “Kill Whites” Shot Dead At Northlake Mall

Are BB guns firearms? Minnesota Supreme Court to decide

Virginia to Drop Long Held Concealed Carry Reciprocity Agreements With Two Dozen States

A Christmas Offer From Cabela’s: The Kind of Semiautomatic Rifle Used in San Bernardino

Judge upholds Seattle ‘gun violence tax’ despite challenge from gun rights groups

Smith & Wesson Re-Thinks Its Approach to Brownells M&P ‘Dream Gun’

Gun permit applicants denied over medical dispute

DHS Official: ‘Apples And Oranges’ To Use Terror List To Prohibit Gun Ownership [VIDEO]

Gun Control Group Tells Followers To “SWAT” Gun Owners



Letting Kids Shoot Guns Is Good for Them

No, There Has Not Been a Mass Shooting Every Day This Year

The Assault Weapon Myth

The Young Turks Rebuttal: The Second Amendment

Swiss Army Life – Snopes bias, backs us up for the most part.  Wait until you read about them calling the military a militia!

German shooting clubs lobby against EU gun control

Basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb deletes reason ‘right to bear arms’ is NOT in Constitution

Democrat Debate: Hillary Clinton Says Armed Americans Do Not Make the Country Safer

Hillary: We Need To Disarm Americans Because “Terrorists Use Guns to Kill Americans”

ATF Lets Straw-Purchasing Violent Criminal Walk In WV

7th grader told his Star Wars shirt isn’t allowed in school

Anti-Gun Sheriff Negligently Shoots His Own Hand

Incredible High Speed Footage Of The Army’s New Round In Gel

123 House Democrats back sweeping assault weapons ban – Look how they distract the stats and try to confuse military weapons from WWII (fully automatic) to try to get folks into thinking that’s what the ban will prohibit from being sold.

Defensive Gun Use (DGU)

Robber Says “Empty Your Pockets” To Concealed Carrier, Got More Than He Bargained For

Florida restaurant employee shoots, kills masked gunman

Alleged robber in critical condition after victim shoots him in Houston

Homeowner was unaware intruder had gun until shots were fired, police say. – SO much wrong here, we will break this down as part of the “In The Classroom” segment.


In The Classroom

3 Lifesaving Reloading Techniques

Man ‘walks off cliff and plummets 60 feet to his death on Christmas Day while distracted by his cell phone’



13 GIFs Take You Inside Some of World War One’s Most Crucial Weapons


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Local News

CCDL: Press Release On Malloy’s Latest Executive Action

Do you agree with Gov. Malloy’s decision to sign executive order banning gun permits to those on terror watch lists?

Pro-libery reps respond to Malloy’s “watch list” executive order.

Connecticut asks for ‘no-fly’ list to screen gun buyers – look at New Jersy in the last paragraph!

Child rape suspect wearing tracking bracelet stole armory weapons, FBI says

Ct’s U.S. senators demand report on gun safety programs

Police investigate after Meriden mosque shot at

Darien Police Seize 67 Guns After Narcotics Arrest

Teen Accidentally Shot Himself in Head in Windham

Maryland Ends Ballistic Fingerprinting Database After 15 Years, $5 Million, No Crimes Solved

CT’s Sensible Gun Controls Clear Federal Court

Gun shop owner says he supports most of Gov. Malloy’s watch list plan

Report Of Gunman In Hartford Building May Have Been Hoax

Recent spike in gun sales

Malloy: ‘We may be the most violent society in the world’

Second Amendment Society Claims Police Departments Delaying and Denying Handgun Permits

Facebook rant lands Roxbury man in jail

Architect of New York’s Unconstitutional SAFE Act Found Guilty of Corruption

Gun group from Newtown outspends NRA


National News

Dem Congresswoman Uses Sketchy Firearm Crime Number to Promote Anti-Gun Legislation


Greensboro police asks residents to sign pledge, turn in guns

New York Times Discovers Criminals Don’t Obey Gun Laws!

Gunman in Oregon college shooting executed classmates, saying ‘I’ll see you soon’ – Media narrative was wrong on this about singling out Christians, we want to set that straight.

Hollywood star says LAPD took guns without warrant

Profs Write Openly Racist Manifesto Against Campus Concealed Carry

GunTV shopping channel to start its shows in January

More Than 100 Million Guns Sold Since Election of President Obama

Police Departments Upset with Obama for Seizing MRAPs, Bayonets, Grenade Launchers

House blocks effort to force vote on gun legislation

L3 Communications EOTech Issuing Refunds For Holographic Weapon Sights

Reporter Asks NFL Legend Deion Sanders About Gun Violence in Wake of San Bernardino Shooting — Listen to His Piercing Response

Black Friday breaks record with 185K gun background checks

Christmas Comes Early for Gun Nuts – From a “gun guy” at Huffpo.  Lat paragraph shows why he’s angry.  Doubt he’s much of a gun guy though.  He’s a “gun guy”, we’re “gun nuts”, things that make you go hmmmm……

Ohio Now Recognizes All Out-Of-State Concealed Carry Permits

Los Angeles Bans HighCap Mags – 60 Days & NOT 1 Turned In – FU LA



Gutfeld Blasts Quentin Tarantino for Attending Anti-Cop Protest

Using The Terrorist Watchlist Against Gun Owners

NY Daily News: Paris Terror Attacks Highlight Threat Posed by NRA

San Bernardino Couple Spoke of Attacks in 2013, F.B.I. Says

End the Gun Epidemic in America – But at least those countries are trying. The United States is not.

Moms Demand Action Inadvertently Prove Gun Control Doesn’t Work

Geraldo breaks down on-air finding out daughter was in Paris stadium; his emotional message to POTUS

Amid Terror in Paris, Gun Control Leaves French Defenseless

FaceBook Bans New Jersey Pro Self Defense Petition From Social Media Site

“World’s Worst” Firearms Instructor Stripped Of Credentials

Would you want teachers in your schools carrying guns?

Gun Owners of America: Time to Let Gun Grabbers Know We Will Not Comply

‘Gunquislings’ Deserve Appropriate Response from Liberty Advocates

Average Gun Owner Now Owns 8 Firearms

CBS News Spins : Gun Magazines Are Pornography & Should Be Banned

Okay, Let’s Regulate Guns like Cars

No, There Haven’t Been 355 Mass Shootings This Year: There Have Been 4

Gary Kleck on the Effect of Large-Capacity Magazines on the Casualty Counts in Mass Shootings

Planned Parenthood Shooter’s History Proves Background Checks Don’t Work

Opportunists Blaming Constitutionalists for Planned Parenthood Murders

Internet Pranksters 4 Chan Join Fight Against ISIS By Photoshopping Duck Heads On Them, ‘Allahu Quackbar!”

MUSLIM FREE ZONE: Gun Shop Owner Wins Discrimination Lawsuit


Defensive Gun Use

South Carolina Boy, 13, Fatally Shoots Burglar: Police

2015 – 12-2, Bridgeport CT, attempted liquor store robbery.

Texas Woman ‘Cool As A Cucumber’ Shoots Armed Robber After He Got Into Her Vehicle

Deputies: Woman shoots and kills would-be Craigslist robber

In The Classroom

Navy SEAL Chris Sajnog Shooting Series: Rule #4 Focus – How To Focus On What Counts

Gun Shooting Technique with Both Eyes Open

Why I’d rather be shot with an AK47 than an M4.


New Ares SCR Adjustable Sights From ARES

We Put 8 Teens In A Room With A Gun And Pretty Soon Human Nature Took Over




The Yankee Gunner Podcast – 058


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Local News

Dave Kopel: 2nd Circuit Defied SCOTUS to Uphold ‘Assault Weapon’ Bans

2nd Circuit upholds N.Y. and Conn. arms bans; contradicts Heller and McDonald
—Cabranes’ ruling in Shew v. Malloy  “because the prohibitions are substantially related to the important governmental interests of public safety and crime reduction, they pass constitutional muster.”

Living In Dread Of Sunday Bow Hunting

New Haven 911 line out of service, police say`

Photographer with tripod mistaken for rifle causes lock downs in Stamford

Hartford man arrested for 34th time

Bridgeport thief gets 17 years in prison for stealing 111 firearms from gun factory

UPS employee busted leaving with swiped pistols taped to his legs – Not local, but very similar!

Democrat Blocks Vote on VA Accountability Act in Senate – OUR CT reps don’t want the VA to be held accountable.

Gun owners will have say in new Lowell policy – Interesting to see the town and PD reaching out to gun owners…. IN MA!

It’s Time To Arm Manchester Community College Police

Vermont gun control group in secretive meetings to devise ‘gun violence’ media campaign

John Barrett: An extremely modest proposal for gun owners – This is an example of what “editorials” you will see the media pushing since they can’t control the narrative on the issue unabated like before. The whole “I’m ashamed of my NRA” nonsense.
I’d further add, how modest is this proposal for someone who can’t afford it? They should be denied their rights?

Editorial: Enough Is Enough: Second Amendment Is No License to Kill – CT Law Tribune

Repeal The Second Amendment – Look who wrote this one!

Bangor Maine Police Department – Just to be clear……

Anti-gun New York Democrat calls for infiltration of NRA

Constitutional Carry Law Takes Effect Tomorrow In The State Of Maine

Alleged Burglar Caught By Armed Hartford Property Owner – DGU

PD: Customer shoots man attempting to rob cafe in Waterbury – DGU

Gun Rights Group Reacts After Police Say Waterbury Cafe Patron Shot Would-Be Robber Dead – Video auto starts.

East Haven police investigate after detective accidentally fires weapon – More on those with special privileges in CT.

Police: Hartford Officer’s Gun Stolen From His Personal Vehicle – Special Privileges

Man pulled gun on mall security guard, Milford police say – Headline fails to mention he didn’t legally have the firearm.

Two Darien cops charged in gun incident – Yet they have special gun privileges.  AND they get paid leave!!!

Christie pardons 3 on gun charges after pressure on campaign trail – Always on the campaign trail!


National News

Congressman’s Wife Launches ‘Mothers Against Gun-Free Zones’

Reality TV: Live feeds from police license plate readers posted online, claims report

Senate Dems introduce ‘No Check, No Sale’ bill for gun sales

Bill that would slap $100 tax onto gun sales, put money towards mental health programs heads to Congress

After Robbery, Restaurant Offers Discount to Legal Gun Owners

Charges Dropped Against Man Who Downed Drone

NRA Gets Highest Ever ‘Very Favorable’ Rating in Gallup Survey

Tombstone gunfight re-enactor could face charges

Bradford County Sheriff Gordon Smith supporting Florida Open Carry

Hillary Clinton on Gun Laws

Actress Julianne Moore Launches Gun Control Group, Claims Founding Fathers Would Approve

Gun Store Now Offering Discounts to Christians so They Can Better Protect Themselves

Mother of Oregon Shooting Victim Tells Americans They Must Be Armed

She Was Shot By the Oregon Gunman & Her Thoughts on Gun Control are Driving Liberals Nuts

Hey Ted Cruz, ‘You’re Holding Your Gun Wrong’ – OR IS HE?

Bloomberg, McAuliffe Fail to Win Virginia Senate With Gun-Control Pitch



PEW: Annual Firearm-Related Homicides Down Nearly 50 Percent from 20 Years Ago

Like Prohibition, the fight over guns is about something else

Research: Untrained gun users prove ineffective at self defense – More junk science (we report every episode to the opposite of the conclusion drawn by this “study”.  Time to see who funded it!

A Closer Look at FireClean and Canola Oil

Here Are 5 Times Concealed Carriers Have Stopped Mass Shootings

Do citizens (not police officers) with guns ever stop mass shootings?

Mike Rowe Schools Liberals On What A REAL MAN Is – Follow up to the NY Times “Modern Man” wussification piece.

The NRA will fall. It’s inevitable. – One reason we encourage all gun owners to join!

Gun porn: Magazines found in easy access to kids

DEA Releases New Drug Overdose Death Figures: Guns Safer than Prescription Drugs

Citizen kills robber who has what turns out to be an imitation gun — is the killing lawful self-defense?

Wanna Make Quick Cash? Buy Pipe from Home Depot, Trade It In as a “Shotgun” at Police Buybacks


Defensive Gun Use

Police Praise Concealed Permit Holder for Stopping Waffle House Robbery

While celebrating score, teen robbers shot by CPL-holder they just mugged

Concealed Carrier Saves Kids From Insane Carjacker — Are You Convinced, Yet?

Glendale police ID hammer-wielding man who was fatally shot


In The Classroom

EVERY firearm in it’s proper holster if you carry – period.  MADE for that gun.  This pinhead thought he was “experienced”.

Cody Deneault Has An Excuse For Why His Gun Went Off In A Movie Theater The Other Day: It Was An Accident. Whoops!

Where do you keep firearms in your home?  Are they accessible to you?

Naked Oregon Burglar Crawls Into Bed With Couple, Discovers Man Has Gun



INCREDIBLE! Look Inside This Firing 1911


The Yankee Gunner Podcast – 057

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Local News

Witless for the Prosecution: New York DA Forces Staff to Forgo Second Amendment Rights

Home invasion, sexual assault in East Hartford under investigation

Cromwell police arrest 1 man after road rage incident

Newtown families’ suit against gun maker sent to state court

27 Ways to Be a Modern Man – NY Times…..   #25 is the anti-gun statement, gotta love their complete and utter love for emasculation.

Toy Gun at Tax Collector’s Office Results in Arrest

CT Against Gun Violence Supports Petition to Cancel Department of Justice Grant to National Shooting Sports Foundation – But…. but….. I thought they cared about “gun safety”???

Cuomo calls for government shut down over gun control

NY Prosecutor Gun Ban Indicative of Wider Intent

Man arrested after early morning shooting in Norwalk – Permit, GONE.  Play stupid games, lose constitutional rights.

Orange Man Arrested After Unlocked Firearm Stolen From His Vehicle

Remington Arms Makes Alabama Official

Target Shooters Accidentally Shoot Woman in Preston

Murphy, Blumenthal, Esty Introduce Bill to Encourage Licensing Requirements For Handgun Purchases

NRA Campaign Contributions Are Being Investigated In Connecticut


National News

Oregon shooting hero tells gunman, ‘It’s my son’s birthday today’

Congressman Sam Johnson Introduces Bill to Protect Social Security Recipients From the Obama Administration’s Most Ambitious (and Outrageous) Gun Grab to Date

Third Time’s the Charm: Federal Appeals Court Voids Provisions of D.C. Gun Control in Heller III

Pope Francis Scolds Congress for Gun and Weapons Sales

State Fair Bans Guns; State Fair Workers Robbed at Gun Point

Ex-Con Shoots Self In Groin, Tells Cops A Black Man Did It

Malicious Conspiracy Theories On The WDBJ News Crew Shooting – This is what makes us look like whack jobs.

San Francisco’s Last Gun Shop, High Bridge Arms, To Close

Can Cannon classified as NFA-regulated

Ignoring Bloomberg and Moms Demand Action, Kroger Continues Record Growth

Court strikes down four DC gun control laws

Jeb Bush: There’s Not a National Right to Gun Ownership



CNN Poll: Registered Voters Continue Revolt Against More Gun Control

Public School Violates Constitution Asks Students How Many Guns their Parents Own and Why!

FBI: Latest Crime Stats Released. Decrease in 2014 Violent Crimes, Property Crimes

U.S. Adds Nearly 200 Million Privately Owned Guns, Firearm Suicide Rate Decreases

Radical Left Group Makes Video of Conservative Dana Loesch Shooting Herself in the Face

We Lost Our Daughter to a Mass Shooter and Now Owe $203,000 to His Ammo Dealer

You Have to See Miss America Contestant’s Response on Question About Gun Ban [VIDEO]


Defensive Gun Use

Armed Man Kills Intruder During Reynoldsburg Home Invasion

Customer shoots bank robber in Warren – If a bank has a “No Guns” sign, I switch banks.

Three Arrested For Hartford Robbery – Not a DGU, but a learning moment.

Woman Shoots, Kills Alleged Home Invader During One Hour Wait for 911 Response


In The Classroom

Mindset and Life




The Yankee Gunner Podcast – 056


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Local News

NRA blended format, not good for CT and instructors.  We still support the NRA, but this is a bad idea from the start.

Hartford Getting A Grip On Gun Crimes – Wait?  What?  Flashback to September 2012.

Cuomo: those against gun control “delusional”

Security Guard at Millstone Power Plant Charged With Wife’s Murder in Norwich – Another one of the special “exempt” people from our gun laws.  How often are we going to see those exempt, going nuts?

New York City Cops Shoot 84 Bullets, Hit Perp Once *video auto starts

Hartford police: homeowner shoots men during home invasion – WTNH Channel 8 prints the victims address!

More than 51,000 assault rifles registered in state – More Ken Dixon bloviation.  There is a strong reason to keep permit info private, as we have learned in NY.

Swatted in West Hartford?  Discussion in CT Open Carry on facebook.

Shelton Gun Store Burglarized, Guns Stolen


National News

BUT WE NEED MORE GUN LAWS? Judge Gives Strawman Seller Probation

Attorney in Steinle Case Blames Gun: It ‘Has No Safety’

Woman discovered to have loaded gun in her vagina during traffic stop – “Never point the muzzle at anything you’re not willing to destroy”!

Houston teen kills himself while taking a selfie with a gun – Times 2!!

Alabama court strikes down open carry restriction

Obama’s Special Assistant Resigns After Being Charged For Shooting At Police Officer – Why was the national news silent on this one?  Maybe, just maybe, because she was a Special Assistant to our anti-gun President?

Phoenix Interstate 10 shootings: Armed citizens group aims to help find gunman – Interesting how CNN portrays them so differently from other groups with a history of doing the same thing like the Oathkeepers.

Justice Department tightens cellphone tracking rules

Gun control groups accused of ‘swatting’ open-carry permit holders, putting lives at risk

UN Gun Control Body Supported By Obama Sets Up Veto-Proof Framework

‘Anti-gun stupidity’: Honolulu destroys $575G worth of police firearms



The US Marines tested all-male squads against mixed-gender ones, and the results were pretty bleak

Women Too Weak to Defend Themselves With Guns? – NOT the same as above.

Anti-Gun Zealots Adopt a Dangerous Tactic to Antagonize Firearm Carriers

Concealed Carrier Gets Caught In Theater After Dropping His Firearm — Lesson Learned.  Bottom line, no generic holsters, EVER!  There is no such thing as a “universal holster”.

Less than 0.00004 of All U.S. Guns Are Used in Homicides

Fox psychiatrist: Every person without a gun should ask ‘What the heck is wrong with me?’

Judge Silences Idiot #BlackLivesMatter Lawyer

SHOCKED FACES EVERYBODY! Study Finds Where Criminals REALLY Get Their Guns

It finally happened, Greg Gutfeld schools Geraldo Rivera on true meaning gun shooting statistics

Snake River Shooting Products Announces Drone Munition Now Shipping – Really?  Just…. why?!


Defensive Gun Use

Missouri 11-year-old fatally shoots 16-year-old intruder – Kid does good, everyone blames mom for his access to the gun.

Concealed Carrier Shoots Armed Robber In Detroit… Again. Still.

SOME NEVER LEARN: Intruder Dies Robbing Same House Where He Was Shot Last Time

Pizza Delivery Driver Turns Tables On Teen Robber – Good lesson on access to your firearm in your vehicle.


In The Classroom

Do you carry with a round in the chamber?

Empty Chamber Carry Will Get You Killed

INFOGRAPHIC: A Quick Guide to Shooting Fundamentals


The 16 Most Ludicrously Customized Cheap Guns


The Yankee Gunner Podcast – 055


Is available for download here.

Local News

Stolen, sold gun traced back to suspect in Derby

Burlington trails closed after bear approaches hiker

Pokemon World Championships Threatened, Boston Police Arrest 2

Boston’s 2015 gun buyback nets 1 gun

Regal movie theaters checking bags as added security measure

Sandy Hook families file complaint against NRA

Dr. William Petit Reacts To Death Penalty Ruling

Gun Rights Group Wins ‘Big Victory’ in Court Against Anti-Gun NY Governor: ‘It Was Total Intimidation’

Milford Man Calls 911, Ends Up Being Arrested Himself

Orange selectmen reconsider gun show after outcry


National News

Suspect in Killing of Virginia News Crew Reportedly Shoots Himself

Four dead in shootout in Roma camp in France

2 members of U.S. military stop Islamist attacker on train in Belgium

DC Police Chief and mayor say murder spike is due to ‘high-capacity guns’, yet they don’t track that data *auto starts

Terrorist Is ‘Dumbfounded’ That He’s Taken for a Terrorist (France terror suspect)

Walmart to stop selling AR-15s and similar guns

SAF, NSSF, NRA Team Up in Lawsuit Against Seattle’s Firearms Tax

NRA instructs Indiana National Guard on firearms



Officer refused service at Chuck E. Cheese’s for carrying firearm

What Your NRA Decal Says About You – This is a cached version, the original has since been removed.

Vox Uses Hilariously Inaccurate Photo On NRA Hit Piece – This is how dumb they are, especially regarding history!

How To Survive A Mass Shooting

Court: People in US illegally have the right to carry guns

Cop Asks Open Carry Advocates to Leave Town

An Anti-Hunter Trying to Save Ducks Accidentally Gets Shot in the Face [VIDEO]


Defensive Gun Use (DGU)

“Good Guy With A Gun” Store Clerk Kills Armed Thug To Defend Self, Customer

This 14 Year Old’s Dad Taught Him How to Use a Gun. He Used That Skill to Save His Family. [VIDEO]

2 men attempt to rob, rape elderly woman in her Monterey County home

That Feeling When You A Robber, But Your Victim’s An Off Duty Cop, And Now You Dead.


Man Shoots Robber In Street Fight Turned Home Invasion

Store owner turns the tables on armed robbers


In The Classroom

Home layout for personal defense

  • Do you carry in the home?
  • Do you have a firearm within easy reach?
  • Caveats?  Children?  Guests?

  • Airsoft is HUGE here.  Easy way to train scanning without needing a 360 degree range


OMG: Gun Muggles Get Punked By Real Firearms Instructor

Hitler Finds Out USPSA Carry Optics Division is Already Gamed

MollyAnn Wymer-I had to buy some protection.

The Yankee Gunner Podcast – 054


Is available for download here.

Local News

‘Honest mistakes’: Tourists face jail time for declaring legal handguns at NYC landmarks

East Haven police ID couple in murder-suicide

Bristol man charged with nine counts of possessing BB guns

Cops: Newtown man threatened pair with gun – Hyperbole much?

Golfer goes straight up gangsta over ‘golf etiquette’

East Hartford man identified as city’s 20th homicide victim – Video auto starts.

Susan Campbell: Debunking NRA’s rhetoric – CT Post article, usual rhetoric falls flat.

Fire Damages Old Saybrook Gun Shop

Authorities: Off-duty trooper fired at car with 3 men inside

Willimantic Police First in State to Use Less-Lethal Weapon

Willimantic Man Loses 2 Fingers When Ceremonial Musket Explodes in Hands

Colt Union Seeks State Aid Amid Bankruptcy

Clinton Teen Records Exchange With Police

Socialist Bernie Sanders Wants To Ban All Self-Defense Firearms

Text of the Handgun Purchaser Licensing Act – This is the federal bill sponsored by our two anti-liberty minded state senators.

‘I’m Still Waiting for One Fact, One Fact from You About Me Being Anti-Gun’ — Christie Faces Off With Pro-Gun Voter in Iowa – Video auto starts.

.44 Caliber Caliphate – Englehart at it again.  Complete hatred for citizens that are pro liberty in ALL it’s forms.

National News

Police: Tenn. theater attack suspect had been committed 4 times

Seattle one vote away from tax on gun and ammunition sales

Pentagon Asks Armed Volunteers at Recruiting Stations to Stand Down – US Navy said to start guarding some facilities.

Garland gunman bought gun through Operation Fast and Furious – Yet, most media…. notoriously silent!

Attorney general: Private companies can’t ban legal guns at public parks

Los Angeles City Council bans high-capacity gun magazines

Can You Guess Why You Probably Haven’t Heard About THIS Mass Murder in Oklahoma? – I wonder why this mass murder wasn’t a huge story nationally?



Bloomberg-Affiliated Propagandists Asking Oregon Gun Shops For Help With Anti-Gun PSA

No. 2 Senate Republican proposing gun background check bill – Auto start video

Gun Trust and Foreiture of Weapons under Protest

Sen. Chuck Schumer enlists famous cousin Amy to pitch guns bill

Concealed Carry Permit Holders Across The United States

Father arrested for shooting a camera drone hovering over his sunbathing 16-year-old daughter

Kentucky man shoots down drone hovering over his backyard

Gun control advocates launch campaign to drop gun emoji from iPhones

Open-carry Christmas Eve gun stop, arrest nets $35,000 settlement

Obama needs to remember what happens when you push law-abiding people TOO FAR. – Allen West.

Govt to ban shotgun imports until 2016 – Australia.  We’re talking LEVER guns here!!!

Feel disrespected? Pull a gun – More lamestream media attempt at “common sense”…. again.

THAT ‘SMART GUN’ WILL GET YOU KILLED: Hackers Take Over Computerized Rifle, Charge Targets

Dangerous PCP Polymer Cased Ammo (Update)

Preachers arming themselves following church massacre


Defensive Gun Use

Police: St. Paul robbery victim had permit to carry when he killed armed suspect

Cincinnati man shoots at 1-year-old boy, is shot by man with concealed carry permit – Mass shooting thwarted…. But look, Cecil the lion!

Woman who killed alleged serial killer recounts final fight – Video may auto-start.

Police: Pastor shoots intruder at Baytown church

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Store Owner Lights up Trio of Armed Robbers with AR-15

Watch: Two Robbers Pistol Whip A Clerk Then Get Blindsided By What They Never Expected


In The Classroom

We will discuss some of our favorite firearms for home personal defense.  What I feel is the most appropriate…. and sadly illegal for the most part in CT, and why.

We’ll discuss training options as well.


Just For Fun

Bullets exploding through objects, because why the f*#% not (29 HQ Photos)

The “Assault Weapon” From 1780


The Yankee Gunner Podcast – 053


Is available for download here.

Local News

Torrington Standoff Suspect Taken to Hospital – Example of how media has ZERO clue, yet reports.

Guns, knives, ammo seized from Johnston apartment

New Haven police officer charged with stealing cash from restaurant – Another one of them “special exempt” people….

Clinton teen who mounted gun on drone arrested, charged with assaulting officers

New York Times to Obama: Use Federal Contracts to Secure Backdoor Gun Control

NY Suspends SAFE Act’s Background Checks for Ammunition Purchases

“Boston Strong?” Weapons Charges Dropped Against Metal Fan After Residents Call 911 Over His Clothes


National News

Army chief of staff okay with troops being sitting ducks; fears ‘accidental discharges’ more (VIDEO)

SEMPER FI Act Introduced to Arm Military Recruiters

AZ Gov. Signs Executive Order Allowing National Guardsmen to Carry Weapons

I think the Onion is trying to go “Charlie Hebdo” on us:  Winchester Unveils New 9MM Stray Bullet Guaranteed To Hit Innocent Bystanders

Watts blames gun website for Chattanooga shooting

Charlotte pastor plans to pack heat from the pulpit

Obama admin looks to ban some Social Security recipients from owning guns

3 dead, 7 hurt when gunman opens fire in Lafayette movie theater

More Than 1,200 Guns, 2 Tons of Ammo Found at Upscale SoCal Home

Customer claims on Facebook gun shop “Shooters” only has black targets

Smart camera warns you when guns enter your home



How To Lose A Protest Without Even Trying

Civilian guards ordered to leave shopping center after one accidentally fires rifle

Bloomberg Group Lies About Charleston Church Shooting To Push Gun Control Scheme

Everytown’s Editorial Arm, “The Trace”, pushes propaganda on self defense and firearms

Another poll:  Do you think people should be allowed to carry guns in public?

Time to boycott Target:   Target SUES hero who fended off knife-wielding attacker stabbing 16-year-old girl at checkout. Chain claims rescue effort put ‘too many lives at risk’

12 Times Mass Shootings Were Stopped by Good Guys With Guns

Jezebel: Hey, These Gun-Owning Moms Really ‘Defy Stereotypes’

These videos of a Texas police shooting show how body cameras can vindicate good cops

Do medical marijuana users have a right to bear arms?

Gundudes: Into the sunset

Top 10 Health Benefits of Going To a Shooting Range

Local woman says T-shirt sends wrong message


Defensive Gun Use

An army veteran speaks out after firing three shots at an armed robber in Sycamore

Hartford bakery staff shoots robbery suspect


In The Classroom

Milwaukee Police warn of ‘bumper tap’ carjacking scheme

Your Tiny Single-Stack Handgun Is Cute, Bro.
—–Analysis of Five Years of Armed Encounters (With Data Tables)

Maximum Hangtime: Getting the Most Out of your AR15 Zero




The Yankee Gunner Podcast – 052


Is available for download here.

Local News

CCDL: Brady vs. Lucky Gunner

Wallingford police called after Nazi, Confederate merchandise found at flea market – Same merchandise at gun shows.

HONEST MISTAKE: NC Tower Climber Arrested In NJ For Possessing Firearm; This Man Needs A Pardon, And Our Help – Rule #1 – DON’T TALK TO COPS (Especially in New Jersey)!!!

Pro-gun group plans rally after concealed carry veto

Maine to allow carrying of concealed guns without permit

Man dies after lighting firework atop head; Mother calls for fireworks control

Violence spikes in Syracuse: 10 people shot in less than 24 hours over Fourth of July weekend

Vermont State Police: Firearms instructor, shot twice by female student, in critical condition

Ridgefield safe, but has plenty of guns

UPDATE: Christie moves to expedite gun permits for DV, violent crime victims


National News

Kansas – Congratulations! You May Now Collect On Your Right To Constitutional Carry!

‘We are all sick’: FBI boss says gun check breakdown allowed Dylann Roof to buy weapon

—–**Flashback – 5 Dead In Louisiana Church Shooting

—–Professor: White People Are Conditioned to Commit Mass Murder Like in Charleston – Yet, that’s not racist???

Hillary Clinton: We Must Address the ‘Uncontrollable Use of Guns’ in America

Gun used in San Francisco killing belonged to federal agent, source says

—–TV news crews robbed in S.F.; cameraman pistol-whipped

Reporter Presses Donald Trump on Whether He Owns, Uses a Gun

Bernie Sanders wants to ‘bring us to the middle’ on guns

Chicago group sues 3 suburbs over gun store regulations

Metro murder suspect stabbed victim in the heart, court documents say – Talk about a defense free zone!

Charges pressed against top Dem activist who threatened 12-year-old Obama critic – follow up from last episode.

Gun Control Politician Pleads Guilty to Gun-Related Charges



Gun rights group calls Obama ‘still best gun salesman in U.S.’ following new sales data

U.S. High Schools Embrace Shooting as Hot New Sport

UK and US Hoplophobes: “Only Cowards Carry”

Pope says weapons manufacturers can’t call themselves Christian

Guns Don’t Deter Crime, Study Finds – More junk science…. study the lies of the enemy.

Do you support open-carry gun laws in restaurants and retail stores? – MSNBC Poll

There’s No Such Thing As A Law-Abiding Gun Owner?

Has there been one school shooting per week since Sandy Hook?

Fighting the State Department’s Crushing First and Second Amendment Rights in the Name of “Munitions Export Control”

Company To Make Modern Stg 44 ‘Sturmgewehr’ – This is just plain fun!


Defensive Gun Use

Suspect dead after attempting to rob machine gun dealer

‘Nothing to debate’: Second Amendment, legal gun in my purse saved our lives

Home invasion survivor: I was against guns, now I carry

AK-47s SAVE LIVES: Las Vegas Man Uses Iconic Rifle To Successfully Defend Family During Home Invasion


In The Classroom

Let’s talk about IFAK’s

Prior post on installing scopes and my soon to be experiment with cheap rings, but lapping them and the results.

Mil, MOA or inches?

Below are pictures of the Condor MA41 pouch I was discussing.  There are others I really like, but they get pricey when you add extra panels and such and run well over a hundred once you get the IFAK and a pair of multiple panels.  I like the option of multiple panels so I can use it on my range bag, thigh rig, battle belt, etc.

But, that being the case, this only ran less than $35.00 or so and I’m really satisfied with the flexibility vs cost ratio.

The only thing missing that I haven’t gotten around to doing yet are putting laminated index cards of what each bandage type is and how many should be in each bag.  It’s important to keep up on your stock.  Mylar bags work EXTREMELY well for this and I have some on order.  They are only $8.00 or so and last a long time and lay really flat.  Craft zip bags work well as they are usually thicker and can be reused enough times.  They were a Walmart find for 2 bucks!

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