Product Review: Raven Concealment Systems Eidolon holster.

This is a guest post from Bob Margolis is a fellow instructor here in Connecticut and Founder of LifeSafe Training, LLC.

10498454_10155271494405145_5211582563691652194_oAt the SHOT Show, Kyle Defoor introduced his new holster design made by the great folks at Raven Concealment. I’ve been a big fan of Raven for a long time now and I have several of their Kydex holsters. Raven makes only first rate highest quality holsters and accessories. I was fortunate to run into Kyle at their booth and he told me about the Eidolon. I like to carry “appendix” and this holster was tailor made for that. Being left handed presents some challenges when ordering because often it’s not an “in-stock” item. Not so with the Eidolon because it’s completely ambidextrous! This is AMAZING for a holster and the first time I’ve ever seen an ambi. that was actually practical.

10931465_10155271494255145_1494845151485986220_oRaven uses injection molded plastic rather than Kydex for this holster. I have pictures of mine set-up the way it’s comfortable for me. I’m still playing around with configuration and adjustments, but I’m pretty close to done. It comes with everything you’ll need to set it up just the way you want it. Kyle incorporated a revolutanary rubber pad that goes on the inside against your body. This keeps the grip of the gun much tighter to your body so the chance of it “printing” are really minimal.

Right now, it’s available for a Glock 19 or a Glock 17. The one you see here came for a G17 and I ended up cutting off the bottom and smoothing it out with a Dremel. 10 minute job even for a hack like me. As you can see in the photos. it fits really nicely and doesn’t show at all through a light vest. I’ve also worn it directly against my skin with an untucked shirt over it. I’m about 185b and wear a 33-34″ waist pant. Still comfortable and still secure. Kyle and Raven hit a home run with this thing. Retail cost is just about $100 so it’s not cheap. If you’re like me, you have a box of holsters that promised to be the ideal holster and they cost between $40-$90. This one is actually a great investment.

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