Here are some good videos on rifle scope mounting.

I was recently looking at a few videos on rifle scope mounting and found there are quite a few good videos out on Youtube on the topic.

The key thing to look for in these four videos is they have some common feature sets (like how to adjust your mounting screws and such), yet, they also vary in some areas as well.  I’ve been of the school of level for the shooter, not necessarily the table and such.  But there are great pros and cons illustrated in these videos.  I think there is enough difference to show you alternative ways of achieving the main objective, a properly installed scope.  After all, every dollar saved, can go towards tools and ammo.

Below, are a few of my favorites:

I can’t say enough about the video series above. Total quality and education.

Long range shooting data book resources

Long range shooting data books are an incredibly valuable resource.  I keep one with every rifle I use for long range shooting.  It gives me a much clearer picture of exactly how each rifle is performing and possibly what upgrades are needed.

These books can be pricey, and you don’t always get what you need.  You may need more of one particular page than another.  Purchasing them already “pre-made” didn’t seem like much of an option.  You can make your own with the links below.  I’m including a video to give you some basic information about what a long range shooting data book is, and resources to print your own.

As an added note:  You can purchase “Rite In the Rain” Loose Leaf Copier Paper (Product # LL9511) to print many of these pages.  Advantage:  Same durable stock as in the more expensive books, but you can print what you need on the same paper (without sacrificing the quality!).  Binders were also found on ebay.

I have found a pre-made version that is relatively expensive, yet incredibly modular.  I haven’t “held” their books in my hand, but they have an incredible amount of flexibility and ability to customize your book when you order – neat concept!  The compan is called Impact Data Books and they can be found at:

They also produced a few videos on how to use their data books.  Here’s a good introduction:


Here is an excellent article to get you started:

Efficient Data Book Use By Ian Kenney

Data book pages for download from “Shooting Voodoo”.

Data book pages for download from “Long Range Shooter”.