Hartford officer NEGLIGENTLY fires firearm through his house and into neighbors home.

A Hartford officer has “negligently” fired a round from his home in Windsor into a neighbors home.  I “quote” negligently, because the media keeps calling it an accident.  This, is pure negligence.

Lucky for the home on the receiving end, nothing happened.  It could have been worse as the round penetrated a child’s bedroom right next to the bed.  Inches away, this could have been a different story.

What’s more interesting, this isn’t the first time the department has had issues with this sargent.

WVIT article with video here.


Phony staged police press release – sure, trust us!

This is the most phony, staged press conference ever. Since they aren’t showing the actual weapons, or even the right weapons, I’m calling Bravo Sierra on this.

What’s wrong with this picture:

1. That’s not an AK-47

2. Those are not even the right cartridges for the rifle on the table, or an AK

3. What the heck is the one center fire cartridge doing on the table.

4. Not even the right magazine.

Talk about all the “Havoc”….. he’s indeed politicizing this. Shame, I used to live not far from there and when I was a kid, they sure as hell didn’t demonize the gun like this….. tsk, tsk, tsk.