Mike Vanderboegh, Rest In Peace

It is with great sadness that we report on the passing of Mike Vanderboegh yesterday.

I first met Mike at one of our CCDL rallies and remember his speech well.  It ticked off many folks because of the content of his message about breaking an unjust law.  For some, he was just a would be criminal.  To many, he was an inspiration guiding folks to understand just how unjust these laws are.

He was also the founder of the Sipsey Street Irregulars , one of the first voices behind our current Presidential administration’s illegal gun running ring “Fast & Furious” and the modern III% movement.

He has been sick for some time and we knew this day would come.  For most of us, it was indeed all too soon.

Thank you Mike for your contribution to the true values of the American patriot movement.

Until we meet again.

Below is a video from his appearance here in CT.


The Hunter’s Shop in Branford supports Malloy’s McCarthy style gun control

Seems some gun shop owners just don’t get it.  Let’s look at the facts on these “watch” lists:

  • Nobody has been convicted of a crime.
  • We don’t know how folks get on these lists.
  • It’s nearly impossible to get off the list, even when you can prove your innocence.
  • Most names on the list, most likely don’t belong on these lists.
  • Who’s to say, names don’t get put on the list because they are too popular in the gun rights movement?

Think some of that is speculation?  Stewart Rhodes, founder of “The Oathkeepers” has a lovely 4S rating on his boarding pass.  This means, he gets extra special attention at the airport when he travels for doing NOTHING WRONG.  For some, it’s a badge of honor, but how easy is it to get on the list?

This from WTNH:

“If they’re on a terror watch list, I support it 110%,” said Thomas Imperati, owner the Hunter’s Shop in Branford. “I don’t want to hand anyone a gun if they’re on the list.”

Seems The Hunter’s Shop in Branford doesn’t mind if folks have a scarlet letter on their back for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong.  It is our stance here at the Yankee Gunner podcast to either charge someone or let them go.  We still are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.

BTW, if you still think that innocent folks don’t end up on the list, the links below are kids.  How does a TODDLER end up on the list?  Hell, one kid is only 8!

The toddler is here:

The 8 year old here (and the TSA even tried to LIE ABOUT IT!):

How about this veterinarian?

Stewart Rhodes speaks at the First Annual NY Oath Keepers Awards Dinner

Stewart Rhodes was the keynote speaker at the first annual NY Oath Keepers awards dinner.  The video was recorded by Mert Melfa.

Below, you’ll find video.  For those that listen to the podcast via an aggregator using RSS, the audio file is available in our feed and via download right here.

Thanks to Mert Melfa for allowing me to convert and share the audio of Stewart’s speech.

Local country station 92.5 doesn’t like your gun rights too much.

We’ve all heard it all before, “I support your Second Amendment rights, but…..”.  It’s really quite simple, either you do or you don’t.

Shortly after Country 92.5 posted this tweet, it was taken down and anyone that questions their tweet on their facebook page gets deleted.  Now, I’m not one for guessing much, but…. I’d guess that a pretty good amount of their audience probably, just maybe, might own a firearm or two.

Hey, Country 92.5…… you can keep deleting things, but we will keep a record here so anyone can search and see what you really feel.  Maybe actually posting a retraction and reasoning could go a long way.  Staying silent, only lets it fester.

Below is a screen shot of the original tweet.



Can we please stop the “no deaths in Newtown” nonsense? Please? It makes gun owners look like idiots.

There, I said it.

We really need to take off our tinfoil hats and stop looking like the anti-gun groups useful idiots.  Insomuch as I wouldn’t doubt that these groups planted this nonsense on purpose.

Let’s look at the facts:

  1. Sandy Hook/Newtown happened.
  2. 28 people died that day.  27 were murdered (not the insane 26 number we keep hearing, Nancy Lanza was murdered too and is part of the data).  1 suicide (Adam Lanza).
  3. FBI receives reports from local jurisdictions and Newtown is listed as ZERO. Picture 1 below.
  4. Newtown PD did NOT coordinate the investigation.  The CT State Police conducted the investigation. So, Newtown did NOT report any murders.
  5. The state of CT did, in fact report 27 Misc. murders in their report called “Crime in Connecticut”.
  6. There is a section that deals with “UCR” or Unified Crime Reporting.  This describes the process used to gather data.
  7. Further down in the report you get to a section called “Connecticut Summary Statistics”.
  8. On page 15, “Murder Cont.” look under “Murder Circumstances”.  You will find category “other” where you find 27.  That is the Murder in Newtown that day of 20 children, six educators and Nancy Lanza.  Picture 2 below.
  9. Suicide is not tracked in that report.

Picture 1: FBI Crime Data. Newtown shows zero murders.

Picture 2:  Connecticut Unified Crime Reports:  Shows the 27 murders under "Misc.".

Picture 2: Connecticut Unified Crime Reports: Shows the 27 murders under “Misc.”.

Given the two reports, you can clearly see where the 27 murders were reported.  Only saying “it didn’t happen” makes gun owners look like idiots and disrespects those that died that day.

What makes all of this worse, there is plenty of room for speculation and coverups.  Why was legislation passed so independent investigation would be blocked?  Why did all personnel at the site of the crime have to sign non-disclosure agreements?  Why was the school destroyed before any independent investigation?

When you look at all those questions, you can then ask yourself:  Did Adam Lanza actually shoot/consume 30 rounds in each magazine?  Many have speculated he did not and did plenty of administrative reloads where he would shoot a few rounds and reload.  In that case, the 30 round magazine limit would have been moot.  Many of the State Police pictures showed empty magazines (with ammo removed) displaying a full 30 rounds unused (Picture 3) .

Why are we not allowed to look at Adam Lanzas medical records?  Why are we not allowed to see Nancy Lanza’s correspondence with the state?  Did she reach out to the Department of Mental Health and Addictive Services like many friends and independent investigations have found?  I will do future reports on that one.

All these questions are just a tip of the iceberg.  We will never get to the real information if those looking for it constantly have to be on the defensive from such horrible conspiracy theories.


Picture 3 – Magazines and ammunition – full 30 rounds
Picture 4 – The Saiga shotgun in the trunk.

Connecticut State Police Release Sandy Hook Report

Picture 3: Notice exhibit 44 shows 2 magazines and exhibit 46 shows 30 rounds unused each.


Picture 4: The Saiga shotgun in the trunk. Many kept saying this was an AR. Obviously, not.


Open carry case is heard at the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners

Good news:  Open carry prevailed.
Bad news:  It was actually a split board with a 3/3 vote.  So, appellant wins in those cases.

The BFPE admitted across the board that open carry is legal.  The chairman of the board clearly has an issue with open carry and a citizen standing up for his rights.  To actually ask him if he practices all his rights so vigorously, was rather insane.  I sure as hell do!

Interesting to note is the ineffective use of council as mentioned by the chairman.  I know Scott personally.  He did nothing wrong and he was going to stand firm on his rights.  I have no idea what the hell Scott’s council was thinking by opening up with a “boneheadded mistake”.  What kind of defense is that for a guy standing up for his rights?

You can decide for yourself.  West Haven never even sent the arresting officer.  So, we can see how serious it is for them to pursue the matter.

From Bunkerville, NV

I just got off the phone with some people I know in Bunkerville, NV at the Bundy ranch.  There is a lot going on over there that we just do not see in the mainstream media.

Now, it seems many are focused on words from the family patriarch.  Like anything else that the agenda driven media doesn’t agree with (or the current Presidential administration), the attention once again is diverted to racism.  With “Houdini like” skills of misdirection (and slick editing), the government is using the media to push a narrative of “ignore the truth on this hand, look at all the agenda driven media on this one!”.  Why wouldn’t the President use the media in this manner – it’s good to be the king!

As I write this, I’m seeing shades of Ruby Ridge once again.  The media is creating a buzz surrounding what’s going on.  Now they get the story of racism (much like Ruby Ridge), and most of the media trucks move out.  Now, without that watchful eye of the public, what will the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) do now?  We’ve have seen what happened at Waco and Ruby Ridge.  Can this be what is expected here?

Below are some words I just received while talking to someone on the phone that is in Bunkerville.

Standing watch, on a hill, above the Bundy family ranch.  Knowing that military scopes and snipers are trained on you (and watching Blackhawk helicopters circling the perimeter), somehow the personal feelings of an individual member of an American family seem insignificant.

It’s the act of tyranny from the federal government that many here will not tolerate and observe from the sidelines.

It’s a family trying to do what they’ve been doing for generations that’s now being stolen from them for some governmental monetary gain. It’s ludicrous.

Somebody on sight in Bunkerville, NV

As a student of history, I can only hope that the folks standing up to this tyranny can return to their families safely.  I have to remain optimistic, because many are my friends.  But it’s hard not to be pessimistic when you look at recent history and make the comparisons to other recent (yet similar) tragedies.

Recording device and app reviews

The Yankee Gunner is glad to announce guest content material from Scott Lazurek.  If you are interested in writing for the blog, feel free to drop us a line via our contact form.

So you’re looking for a great way to protect yourself should the need arise? Most people would think a knife, gun, sword, or even some kind of blunt object to get this job done. With modern technology though there are far better weapons to protect yourselves. Audio and video recording are quickly becoming the weapon of choice for everyone from a protestor, firearms owners that choose to openly carry, or anyone that feels they may need to keep others accountable. Here are a few that I have tested and use.

Let’s go over personal use or something that you could wear on your body. There is always your cell phone. Even if you don’t have the best smartphone out there I can’t think of any phone that is out right now that doesn’t have a camera or audio recorder of some sorts. This is a great way to protect yourself in a situation that you may have to prove your side of a conversation or actions. There are instances where I have read about law enforcement or another individual taking a cell phone and smashing or try to delete the data that could be used against them. There are several great apps that allow you to stream live and save remotely to the apps server. The one I have been using and testing is called Bambuser.

Bambuser is a free app that I use on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that works pretty well. Depending on the amount of service that you are getting the picture could be a it grainy but it truly gets the job done. The audio is good and the video although choppy isn’t pixelated beyond the point where you couldn’t tell what was going on. Far from HD but the fact that the video is live streaming to Bambusers server is well worth it. If someone wants to take your SD card or break your phone it’s not going to prevent you from logging onto your account and retrieving that data and still be able to keep the video. For that reason I would highly recommend this app. Hey it’s free and it works well. I would give it a 7 out of 10.

Personal cameras are a great idea also. You can literally go on Amazon.com and find a set of sunglasses that have a micro camera built into the bridge of the glasses for under $20. For this reason alone it’s a great idea to check it out. They may not last very long maybe through the summer or a few months but the daytime recording is amazing and crisp HD. They usually support up to a 16gb micro SD card so you can get about 2 or 3 hours of recording time. The directions are not that easy, although anyone with a little common sense would be able to figure it out easily. I have gone through a few of them and don’t mind for the price to have a great little disposable camera, and the sunglasses aren’t too bad either.

I have another camera that I can carry on my person also. The manufacturer is Veho and the camera is the Muvi micro. This is another HD camera that records onto a micro SD card and is built fairly well. The version I got on Amazon.com was around $40 and came with a waterproof case which I have to admit protects the camera very well although it takes about 85% of your audio away because the mic is built on the camera hence sealed in the box. Other than that it’s a great little camera that I have hidden in my vehicle and I am able to access it should I get pulled over to ensure the person coming up to my window is seen by the camera. This was the best application that I can find for this camera. It also has a decent lens on it and can get a good view even through my tinted windows.

For inside my truck I also have a DOD600 dash cam mounted on the inside center of my windshield. This camera I bought used for next to nothing off some guy on Craigslist. Now I am having some issues with this camera and am trying to work it out BUT with that said it is actually a very nice camera when working properly. DOD does not make this model anymore and from what I can read the internal battery is the root of my issues. Just a matter of buying a $4 battery off Ebay and soldering it in the camera itself. This camera shows your GPS coordinates as well as your speed. This is a great way to record while you drive should you get pulled over, or get into a accident. There are a few newer models of this camera that I found online but they can range from $20-$500 depending on the maker and the rating. This camera also records on the micro SD card and has a loop feature that after a specified time it will erase the oldest recording and record over it. Definitely a handy feature. I would rate this camera a 8 out of 10 even with the current issues. Great idea to set and forget until you need it. It also has a great feature that you can mute the sound with the push of a button so you don’t have to record everything in the car.

Most recently I have installed and tested out the app called Autoguard. This is a great app that has a ton of features. It also utilizes the GPS on your phone to judge speed and puts on the screen your location also. It uses a G Shock sensor that is built into the phone to determine if you have been involved in a accident. This feature right now is useless because of all the potholes from the winter beating the roads take during the winter so I turned it off. The feature also will record for a specified amount of time and autosave to your device if you are involved in a accident and also has a special feature that will dial a number that you choose if you are in a accident and are not able to press the button to tell the phone you are ok. This would come in handy in case you were knocked unconscious in an accident.

Those are a few that I have personally owned and tested but the bottom line is to just do a little research and read the reviews on these products. Although most reviews are someone that may have a little issue that they could have worked out but rather decided to bash the company instead, there are some really cost effective and great ways to protect yourselves and your rights. Don’t forget also it is absolutely your right to record in public or to record the police. If they tell you different make sure your aiming that camera at them and get it on recording.


The Yankee Gunner Podcast – 010

Episode 10 is now available for download here

We made it in a little over two hours!  Hey, it’s a start.

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Recent “The Yankee Gunner” blog postings




Gun Sense or Nonsense?


Here are some of the fallacies these demanding moms have been spreading via twitter. The harsh reality is that there are no facts to support these claims.

Guest blogger:  Michele Mattei

In wake of the horrific event at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, many groups have formed, across the nation, to protest or proclaim the use of guns. One group in particular has hit the ground running, but may have gotten a bit ahead of themselves.

Moms Demand Action for Gunsense in America, originally called One Million Moms Against Guns, has managed to seize the media spotlight. However, that same media attention leaves you susceptible to a great deal of public scrutiny, something that Moms Demand Action hasn’t been handling very well.

A recent article “Anti-gun ‘Demanding Moms’ group fails to provide grassroots transparency” , published by Examiner.com, discusses MDA’s failure to provide grassroots transparency. This poses the question; “Are Moms Demand Action’s “grassroots” mistakenly pocket lint from Mayor Bloomburg’s funding?”

Here is what we know to be true;
MDA founder, Shannon Watts, has had an extensive career in public relations and marketing, despite her claims of being a stay-at-home mom. She quotes “… Stay-at-home mom since 2008. Former founder and president of start-up public relations agency. Also led communications for the country’s largest health insurance, medical device and agricultural companies. Expertise in media relations, public affairs, marketing, crisis management, and investor relations.”.
Co-Chair, Marie Delus, holds a high level administrative position in the office of NYC Mayor, Michael Bloomberg. She also has a background in recruiting and public relations.
Ironically, these anti-gun fanatics are perfect candidates for their positions.

The controversial “Starbucks Appreciation Day” gave incitement for MDA to manipulate the truth and news media in order to smear pro-gun groups. Somehow a simple case of citizens meeting for coffee at Starbucks, to show their appreciation with a $2 tip, was misconstrued and portrayed as “rallying” by the news media.

In rebuttal to the event, MDA sunk to new levels of “low” when they swindled a photo from a closed Facebook group, affixed their logo and used it as their own personal “smear campaign”. Very shortly after a message was sent to the owners of this picture, notifying them, the hyperlink went down and the picture was gone from MDA’s Facebook page.

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League was said to have orchestrated the local “Starbucks Appreciation” event, in Newtown, despite a well-publicized press release from CCDL president, Scott Wilson. The press release clarified that CCDL had no such involvement with this event and also included follow-up interviews that further disavowed their involvement. Who was this corrupt informant?

The end results of this being an ongoing attack on Starbucks and petitions to change their company policy, influenced and orchestrated by Moms Demand Action.

The FBI crime statistics show the total number of murders involving firearms in the U.S. for 2011 is 8,583. The NHTSA statistics show the total number of deaths involving motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. for 2011 at 32,367. Statistics from The Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) seminal study of preventable medical errors shows the number of deaths involving medical malpractice are estimated to be as high as 98,000 per year.
That being said, a person is more likely to die in a motor vehicle accident or by the hands of a M.D., than being killed by a firearm.

Take a look at the FBI uniform crime reports, Table 1. National data for violent crimes in 1992, shows a violent crime rate of 757.7 per 100,000 and a murder rate of 9.3 per 100,000. If you compare that with the year 2011, having a violent crime rate of 386.3 per 100,000 and a murder rate of 4.7 per 100,000, you can see there is a 50% reduction in violent crime and murder. This is all happening while the rate of gun ownership increases dramatically.
Even President Obama’s executive order for a CDC Investigation on gun violence backfired and proved again that gun ownership saves lives.

Based on these facts, the “common sense” gun-control these Moms are demanding have been in place prior to the events of Newtown. It’s an abuse of power by the MDA to prey on people’s emotions about guns and manipulate the uninformed, uneducated and impressionable.

Anyone who dares to question their integrity or requests proof to back their radical claims is blocked, deleted and banned from social media interactions on Facebook and Twitter. Many have reported that while engaging in civil discussions with MDA members their accounts were suspended and further comments were blocked due to false claims of violating community standards.

In conclusion, it is everyone’s personal responsibility to research the facts before forming a steadfast opinion. Remember, the only person responsible for your safety is yourself. Advocate teaching “gun safety” not “gun control”.

Yankee Gunner Note:

Yankee Gunner blogger E. Jonathan Hardy and another CCDL Board Member Chris Duffy BOTH told WVIT, NBC-30 that this WAS NOT a CCDL event, which they chose to ignore even with the press release offered by CCDL President Scott Wilson.