Here are some good videos on rifle scope mounting.

I was recently looking at a few videos on rifle scope mounting and found there are quite a few good videos out on Youtube on the topic.

The key thing to look for in these four videos is they have some common feature sets (like how to adjust your mounting screws and such), yet, they also vary in some areas as well.  I’ve been of the school of level for the shooter, not necessarily the table and such.  But there are great pros and cons illustrated in these videos.  I think there is enough difference to show you alternative ways of achieving the main objective, a properly installed scope.  After all, every dollar saved, can go towards tools and ammo.

Below, are a few of my favorites:

I can’t say enough about the video series above. Total quality and education.

Simple AR-15 maintenance

I like simple. I love the AR platform. What’s not to like about it? Modular, multiple calibers, sized to fit just about anyone, ammo relatively inexpensive…… man, I can go on.

What drives me NUTS about the platform? The “Chairborne Rangers” that SWEAR you have to lube just about every damn part, run a rod down your rifle after every 100 round session, etc. It’s a rifle that emulates some of the better qualities (like durability) of it’s military siblings.

To that end, I was asked several times this week how I maintain my AR’s. I must have watched 9 videos until I found a GREAT one on the National Shooting Sports Foundation website. No frills, great information and really good detail on what is needed to maintain this fantastic rifle.

I run my rifle pretty much the same way. I carry a small “lube pen” for long training sessions and have a few spare parts. Other than that, I’m good for a few thousand rounds!

Thanx to the NSSF for producing this video!