Click.Print.Gun – Vice documentary about 3D printed firearms

To think banning firearms will solve the problem, think again. We’ve said time and time again, what has prohibition worked? Alcohol? Prostitution? Drugs? Telling me I was grounded….. OK, that last one worked most of the time, but I digress.

Keep in mind when you watch this one, you don’t need printers that cost tens of thousands of dollars. You and a friend can make one in an afternoon for a few hundred bucks. Tons of accessories too!

in addition to the documentary, you may want to check out – where you can find the files and investigate them for yourself.  Also neat, many open source (free!) software applications where you can look at them in 3D and even make your own modifications.  You can also download a file with ALL the projects on them.  This file is updated regularly and probably worth keeping copies of….. just in case…….

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